In honor of my watching #EurovisionMovie for the 3rd time, a thread of some of my favorite/most epic Eurovision performances (good and bad)... almost every aspect of the movie is based on a real thing!
My first Eurovision was 2007, and needless to say my mind was BLOWN by the disco drag act singing nonsense German/Ukranian. Fun fact: Verka Serduchka was also in the movie Spy! This came 2nd.
2007's winner was Molitva, a power ballad from Serbia! Very good, actually.
Oh, hey, you know that Running with the Wolves ridic performance in #EurovisionMovie ? Based on Lordi, 2006 winner from Finland.
The song gets repetitive, but no matter because the PELVIC THRUSTING WITH SAXOPHONE SOLO is very very famous. I watched this live in Germany and we died laughing. #Eurovision
Qele, Qele from Armenia/2008 is STILL a banger, and I listen to it on the reg. It placed 4th.
So the 2008 winner was Believe from Russia, which was written/produced by an American, grumble. I thought Shady Lady from Ukraine was better BUT not live. Recording was superior (pure, silly pop song).
Please, everyone, just watch DUELING PIANO POP WITH OPERA SOLO from Romania/2010. I still feel this was robbed and am upset it didn't win. This song is FIRE (also there's literally fire) #Eurovision
Just to get weird and vintage, the 1981 winner from the UK is a delightful piece of pop. Nowadays, everyone hates the UK in Eurovision and they never win lol. (That joke from the movie is true.) Their last win was 1997.
Also vintage but not weird: that French song from the Song Along is Celine Dion's winning 1988 entry for Switzerland! Yes, they have lots of loopholes, re: heritage and who can perform for a country (Greece has had Greek Americans compete in the past).
Slight deep cut from 2009, Urban Symphony from Estonia is underappreciated IMO. This one has a permanent spot on my Eurovision playlists.
But, hey, another violin number won in 2009 and he's the "oldest" cameo from #EurovisionMovie (most of the others were from the last 5 years): Alexander Rybak from Norway! He has not aged at all and we should check his attic for a portrait.
Iceland actually had a very good year in 2009. They came 2nd with this gorgeous ballad (check the dolphin graphics, very similar to #EurovisionMovie !), Is It True. (Also fun fact: Russia notoriously spent a MINT on this show.)
One of my FAVE wild Eurovision stories is Georgia's 2009 entry. Eurovision bans overtly political messaging in songs so when We Don't Want to Put In (think about it) was selected, the EBU banned it.
As fun as the good songs are, the "bad"--last place (or close to it) honors--are almost better. I'm trash because I actually like this song (but it was bad live).
Same story here with Disappear by the No Angels for Germany in 2008. They're atrocious live (always have been), but the track is well produced. I just fondly remember watching them win German Popstar in 2000...
It's ok Germany got their revenge in 2010 when Lena won with Satellite and became a worldwide sensation. (But per previous tweet, Romania was robbed!)
2010 was a year stacked with talent. Denmark's In A Moment Like this was another STELLAR power ballad/duet.
I'm just gonna jump ahead to 2016 and suggest everyone watch Love Love Peace Peace, the opening number for that year, an elaborate joke, re: how to craft the PERFECT #Eurovision song and performance.
Ironically then a song about war won--you'll recognize Jamala from the #EurovisionMovie Song Along (she starts Waterloo).
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