In a little known appendix, the Benghazi committee reported on President Obama's daily intelligence briefing process. The committee interviewed CIA analysts and even Obama's regular daily briefer to find out what he knew on Sept. 12, 2012.
The Obama White House largely cooperated with this inquiry.
Now, lawmakers are asking for details about how Trump's White House handled a written PDB that mentioned the Russian bounty intelligence.

Republicans on the Benghazi committee who got similar answers from Obama included Jim Jordan and Mike Pompeo.
What could a similar inquiry produce? Some possibilities:

-Who was Trump's written PDB mentioning the bounties shared with besides the president?

-Was the briefing delivered in full that particular day?

-Did the briefer highlight the bounties for other WH officials?
The House GOP Benghazi report noted its review of Obama's briefers was "one of the few, if only, times in history outside scrutiny has ever been applied to the PDB process.”

Previously, George W. Bush had made his Aug. 6, 2001 briefing public.
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