Childfree folks responses to parents being honest about how hard this last 4 months have been are really fucking awful today and I don't understand why. Maybe someone can help me out.
Like... do we believe in the strength of community or not? All these "what did you think you were getting into" comments are 1) not helpful & 2) condescending in a specific way that feels really ugly.
I choose to be childfree in my teens, never wanted to have children, chose my partner in part because they felt the same way. But I also don't think the responsibility of parenting is solely in the hands of "parents".
If you are really asking "what did they think they were signing up for" - they definitely didn't sign up for a global pandemic, financial crisis and nationwide revolution in their family planning process. Just like you didn't for your career planning or whatever TF.
Anyway - support the parents you know, especially the ones with small children. I think I've sent 5 or 6 Gazillion Bubble machines to various folks because I can't be there, but at least it could help occupy the kids for a little while.
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