54 years ago, the #CivilRightsAct was signed into law, and for the last 54 years, no Democrat has won the white vote.

Since then, we have reshaped the Democratic Party to be more inclusive & more representative.

Today, the CBC is one of the most powerful caucuses in Congress. https://twitter.com/TheBlackCaucus/status/1278787505454792704
2/The Congressional Black Caucus has fought & paved the way for more Black candidates to run.

The 116th House of Representatives is the most diverse in history, & CBC is 55 members strong.

We don't just have seats at the table; we sit at the head of tables, ie Chair committees.
3/So when White Privilege screams that we're the Elite, the Establishment, that we lost our way, forgotten about the "Working Class", or when it attempts to discredit our votes because we didn't elevate it instead of Black Excellence, we understand what these dog-whistles mean.
4/We understand that for some Equality holds the bitter taste of Oppression.

We also see how Entitlement keeps banking on your ignorance & stoking your resentment at descendants of slaves & immigrants shaping the future of this country away from the clutches of white supremacy.
5/So when Cosplay Activism temper-tantrums about our rejection of anemic Civil & Women's Rights track records, we understand how frustrating it is to not have their needs centered; how frightening it must be to watch fierce, lifelong warriors hold white supremacy accountable.
6/With the rise of the white supremacy candidate into the White House, we understood America was on the precipice of irrefutable Change.

Whether under the guise of progress or conservatism, we watched you attack Black Caucus members in service of white supremacy.
7/We get the lure of selling out just to be extended crumbs of white privilege, but we know that's just a con meant to destroy Progress.

54 years ago we lost the White Vote in exchange of gaining the Right to Vote.

Here's hoping the White Vote joins our fight for the next 54.
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