Hello Twitter. I need to share something with you. It is not political. It is enraging. I am so incredibly angry. We need to talk about Peter Mallory.
Mr. Mallory was sentenced to 1000 years in prison for child pornography. The judge who sentenced Mr. Mallory called him “probably the most prolific collector of child pornography in the entire world.”
The evidence showed Mr. Mallory didn't just make a choice, but had a compulsion for child porn.
Mr. Mallory's pornographic collection included both pictures and videos of children being raped and tortured and otherwise sexually exploited.
Despite a 1000 year prison sentence, the Georgia Board of Pardon and Parole has let Mallory out after 7 years for "performance incentive credits." These are the five people who've let this monster out. https://pap.georgia.gov/board-members 
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