I collect leftist manuals.

This one is massive. "Organized For Change, Activists guide to Police Reform", from Policy Link 2004.

I am going to deconstruct this manual as a former social worker and a former Community Organizer and show you their tricks.

The left exploits "non profits" to push a political agenda.
They claim the US Constutition does not provide equality for the special groups of voters they represent, so they operate with a sense of morality that is fabricated.
The left are experts at messaging, branding and PR.
This Manual is written by Kamala Harris' sister.
Maya Harris West.

The author is an MSNBC consultant and worked with #HillaryClinton
This manual and the cohorts who design the political theater behind defunding the police, are funded by Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and are also responsible for Flint Water Crisis theater.

As Alinsky taught stirring strife in neighborhoods is the foundation for change.
The left are brilliant at quick, targeted attacks on Liberty.

They are effective because they talk about:
1) Power
2) Empowering individuals
3) Building a Collective

Using "Advocacy" Jargon, as stewards of humanity.

These are concepts that are forgein to Conservatives.
This group has been "advocating" for Police reform since 2001pushing the PR of high profile police incidents and protests exploiting events and media for their gain.

So why didn't anything change under Obama?

They needed "real world settings"
The left is open about their plans but will mock anyone who calls them out (see Rules for Radicals).

The deceit in their methods causes a deep divide between the left and the right, but the left knows they can not get what they want following the rules, so they create drama.
🛑 Hitting pause for a few hours here.

🤔 things to think about:

If the right accepted that the left is in a constant war with 🇺🇸 Liberty 🗽 would the left be able to get away with these schemes so seamlessly?
We have 132 pages.. this will take a while.

This is a good time to consider WHY does the left want to dismantle the police department?

Police reform is foundational for their overall heist of our Republic.

Watch this video for a great explanation:
"proactive planning" in this manual on how to #DefundThePolice tells activists how to "call for an investigation" while they "turn crisis into opportunties" and make political theather for the media.

The left boldly states their intentions to lie and manipulate:
The left also instructs activists how to frame the narrative on any crisis and involve other people-including the media-all before our system of justice can be implemented.

So in fact they are forcing the changes they demand without consent of the larger governed.
Leftists always have demands and they always will, no matter how much you give them or allow them.

Their entire purpose is to make our Republic react to their demands.

They quite litterally are in a constant war with America's peace and they are brilliant at using the media.
The left have brilliant strategies to reach greedy and narcissistic personalities by stroking their egos and demands for domination.
"Develop a vision of how you want your police department to be and how you want it to relate to your communinty," the manual instructs activists.
One of the reasons the left assaults police departments is because of the local control they can exploit.

"Local" means "weakness" to the left.

Their mission is to bypass voters and federalize everything, using the same tactics.

Common Core was how they federalized schools.
The left can not and will not accept that we elect representatives so we can go about living our lives.
They believe they have a right to exploit the weaknesses in our Republic to overthrow our system because the right refuses to be vigilant over it.
And in a way they are right.
The left's mission takes it's shape from #CCP revolution. Everything is meant to cause loss of faith in the "nationalist-populist- Conservative" system we have, which is why the left attacks our shared history and instutitions, like police.
Research how Mao seized power.
These tweets show the mindset of someone who believes they have the right to overthrow police departments. https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1279420162479992832?s=19
The Manual on how to defund the police tells local artists how to overthrow the department exploiting specific crisis and turning them into opportunties to demand their will be done.
The model of organizing that is an eternal sucess, according to the left is ACORN, because there are specific sucessful tactics that ACORN applied to communities.

I will deconstruct an ACORN manual next.
The left does not let obstacles stop them, and unlike the right they are not concerned with the law or what is morally right.
They will use anyone's life to exploit a targeted situation.They will use the underage, illegal and they will divide unified communites to demand change.
Something the right overlooks, is that all powerful organizing is based on understanding power. This lesson is stressed constantly in Organizing and Social Work school and because the right is clueless about this tactic- it is hugely powerful for the left.
The attacks by Cultural Marxists, to manipulate and force power of the individual into their leftist collective, have been predictable for a long time, the problem is that the right has refused to be vigilant over their own freedom.
Police are a stated target for taking power.
The left has successfully used the tactic of blocking our movement in public places for decades.

Why hasn't anyone on the right passed a law about not blocking our entry?

The manual teaches activists to partner with lawmakers.

The right is clueless.
The left uses "direct confrontation" mostly as a means for keeping people engaged and making protests "personal". Remember that they are using the services of criminals, youth, and other people with an "axe to grind" so it is also more titillating to participants to have combat.
What is not stated in this manual, but is instrumental in Marxist strategy is the use of "grassroots marketing platforms". The left has 1000's of them to help with this defunding activism. The right has none- zero. All of the tips listed here are powerful b'cuz of their media.
These common sense strategies the left uses perfectly, as they are taught these things over and over. You would be surprised how often the right allows the left to frame the narrative or the "debate" or ignores the Leesburg grid.

These are all things Republicans refuse to do:
The left understands the right, but the right does not understand the left at all.

The left has been changing our Government system, with no opposition for decades.

The left is always aware of who the right is and how to infiltrate us quickly.
Democrats are stuck in the Civil Rights era, even though as a party they were not supportive of Civil Rights at the time it was being debated.

The right is afraid of being called "racist" so they do not defend their position as rightful heirs of real civil rights warriors.
misleading the public about polling is a favorite tactic.

Remember that the Democrats are both responsible for the cradle to grave prison pipeline AND the public's idea of Civil Rights/ Community Policing defenders.

That is a faliure of the right to stand their ground.
Marxist leftists are warriors at getting free publicity for their activism and they are bold in shaping the narrative with their own polling and grassroots marketing platforms.

See "Community Polling" to get what they want.
Most activists have taken a college level class in how to coduct a survey using tons of resources and make it interesting for media- and how to perpetuate their stated outcome.

In other words, how to manipulate data.
In order to #defundthepolice, Community Organizers are taught to use people as tools and to keep all info ON message. They are taught to manipulate data and frame the narrative. And according to Saul Alinksy's Rules for Radicals, to lie enough that people believe it.
We are about 1/3 through this massive manual now on how the left plans to defund the police.

The next section is on manipulating and using the media, creating #FakeNews and turning a crisis into an opportunity.
The left is brilliant at PR. The right is terrible at PR.

In this manual Communist Organizers are taught that media is a "proactive strategy to advance advocacy goals".

They are taught not to "sit back and wait for something to happen and react, but view media as a tool".
Because the left uses the media as a tool and understands how to do political theater well enough to trigger
fascination, they can build upon past successes. They don't need to re-explain this to their followers. Everyone knows how to jump in and keep the agenda going.
The left wins "by any means necessary", meaning- to their credit they work their butts off.

The right needs the money up front and tons of meetings before they will try anything and they blow thru opportunties.

The left gets "all hands on deck" to make use of what they have.
Sidenote: There are more resources for using the media and every candidate should grab this up and study it http://www.spinproject.org  The left uses sucessful tactics that we can learn from. We can not combat them without understanding them.
The next four pages are full of tips for professional communications that every leftist grassroots activist, on every Facebook live is well trained on.. which even Republican candidates refuse to learn. The left is always succint, consise and compelling. Pages 47-50.
Press Releases are key to the left and every worker on the left is well trained on how to write them. Because the left has personal relationships with the media- their releases are read.
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