It's been one thing after another since the flood in our flat 2 weeks ago.

Builders saying there wasn't a fault and nothing to fix and doing a really terrible job making the flat 'safe'. Landlord who has done nothing to help, has no landlord insurance and was difficult to -
- get any money from. We're still waiting on our deposit back from him and our one week temporary accommodation, which was pretty shit. I've had to work throughout it all while having to move out/pack/find new places to live/sort out all the many issues on my days off. I've not -
- had a break to just relax in ages and every day has had multiple stressful/horrible things happen. We've finally found a new place to rent which we can barely afford and I'm panicking there will be an issue with it. I'm having to sort out all the utilities for it which isn't -
- going well, especially will high bills and the broadband being really shit and expensive. We have no furniture and have to fork out a lot to furnish it while living with the bare minimum for a while. I had to stay in a hotel alone for work for a couple of nights and I'm also -
- commuting from Derby this week. We move on Saturday and then I have a 13 hour shift the day after. This is all happening while in a pandemic and life is shit and messed up already.

I am exhausted. I am stressed. I am struggling. I can't cope.
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