I keep telling you all kinds of huge MOABS are coming in the lead up to the 2020 election.

Most people are focused SpyGate & the Flynn case.

But there plenty of OTHER lines in the water.

The Epstein pedo ring.
There was no new evidence to gather. There were no new witnesses to interview at this point. But Berman was dragging his heels and sitting on it.

And the only reasons for that were political. So Barr replaced him.
4 months is a long time.

Keep that in mind.

We have a winner!

I said when Epstein was first arrested there was a VERY REAL AND COMPELLING REASON this case was being handled by the SDNY PCU?

THEY ARE GOING AFTER THE OFFICIALS WHO LET EPSTEIN & HIS CO-CONSPIRATORS WALK. https://twitter.com/eliehonig/status/1278724724940509186?s=20
LOL at all the dumbasses that think this means Trump is about to go down for being some kinda pedo.


Berman and others were **refusing to let the case move forward** not to protect Trump, but to protect OTHER PEOPLE.
Everybody wishcasting that the Epstein case is somehow about Trump being some kinda public official back in 2008-2009 when Jeffrey Epstein was given that sweet, sweet sweetheart deal & all his co-conspirators were allowed to remain anonymous & walk away?

Pay attention:
Trump is THE most thoroughly vetted Presidential candidate in the history of the United States.

And frantic desperate Democrats & political operatives have been digging through all the records and tracking down every rumor for going on FIVE YEARS NOW looking for anything on him.
Trump's past is scorched earth at this point, so many investigators like the Mueller Team and others have covered that ground so many times.

Anything that would have taken him out would have been **found** by now.
SDNY has now posted the Maxwell indictment: https://twitter.com/SDNYnews/status/1278744862553145345?s=20
Look, getting convictions against the actual pedos, that's EASY. That case was built back in 2007-2009. They already had most of the evidence.

So arresting Epstein, Maxwell, and all the other co-conspirators in the pedophile network, that's **not** the heavy lifting here.
The heavy lifting involved in the SDNY Public Corruption Unit & the FBI investigating, building cases against, then indicting & arresting the POWERFUL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS and others in gov't who facilitated the injustice in 2009 of letting Epstine & Co. walk away.
The heavy lifting involved in this Epstein case is the SDNY PCU & the FBI going RIGHT AFTER the powerful former and present gov't officials who let a pedo ring escape justice a decade ago.
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