The woke left is aware of the exploitative nature of capitalism but doesn't wonder why so many big corporations fly trans flags.

The woke left is aware of how mainstream media rigs news in favour of the ruling class but doesn't wonder why mainstream media agree that TWAW. 1/4
The woke left is aware that Silicon Valley is overwhelmingly white male middleclass but doesn't wonder why all the big tech platforms ban radical feminism.

The woke left is aware of the connection between power and sexual exploitation but doesn't wonder why white males 2/4
campaign for access to women's and girls' spaces.

The woke left is rightly worried about the rise of white male autocracy but is blind to the possibility that it will come in lipstick. They are too used to the idea 3/4
that the right abhors sexual "deviance" to understand that some limits to sexual freedom are the last restrictions that rich white males still face. TWAW is the ultimate expression of male supremacy. 4/4
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