If #GE2020 was a Produce 101 season, a thread:
A total of 192 trainees from 11 different entertainment companies will compete for National Producers' votes to form the final 93-member group: SG(*****PARL14MENT!
Who will ascend the throne?
Introducing this season's National Producers' Representative: Madam Halimah Yacob!
And for the first time ever, the National Producers' Representative will be doubling up as the Vocal and Dance Trainer!
Upon unveiling the 192 trainees to the public, netizens were quick to uncover PAP Entertainment's trainee, Ivan Lim's iljin past. He subsequently withdrew from the competition following public backlash.
Grade Evaluation
Trainees are graded from A-F based on their audition.
All the trainees passed except for Individual Trainee Shirwin Eu, therefore getting eliminated.
PSP Media's Lee Hsien Yang unexpectedly withdrew from the competition citing personal reasons.
GRC 1:1 Group Battle
Trainees are split into 4- and 5-member GRCs to perform an NDP song assigned to them.
Ang Mo Kio GRC's RP Ent. performed a soulful rendition of NDP2013's One Singapore and managed to pull a surprise reversal against Avengers Team, Ang Mo Kio GRC's PAP Ent.!
AMK's RP Ent. trainees win the audience vote and earned themselves the 10,000 vote benefit!
Concept Evaluation: Guerrilla Concert
Trainees must design posters and promote their own concerts via walkabouts!
Groups with the most National Producers at their concert rally will win a whopping 150,000 group vote benefit!
Hidden Mission!
Trainees were equipped with Steps Trackers during their walkabouts in collaboration with HPB's National Steps Challenge™.
East Coast GRC's WP Ent. trainees racked up the most steps and received a reward meal!
Individual PR Video
Trainees have 1.5 minutes each to appeal to National Producers for their votes on National TV.
PAP Ent. trainees won the "Ruling Party" advantage through fan votes and can speak thrice as long as other trainees!
Stay tuned for the next episode on July 10, the Live Grand Finale where trainees will go through Debut Evaluation and earn National Producers' votes which will decide if they make it into SG(*****PARL14MENT or not!
Who are yall's one-picks?
Mine is PAP Ent.'s Tan Chuan-jin bc he do be making me feel some typa way 🥴🥴🥵
hope he makes it into the final lineup!!
mans not of voting age so for those who can vote: make informed decisions + exercise your power to vote wisely!
read up and think critically! have open discussions with friends and family, be it on- or offline!
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