11:17. Pain time.

This is the one that EVERYONE is gonna lose it on.

Get ready for the Heavy. Because we have the 171 page document. (Actually for part 2, had to use a spare because the color coded one seems to be misplaced 🙄)

Mask eh. Here we go....
Whoopsie. Looks like we have our Mass Genocide event.

Documented and detailed.

You didn’t think that Patriots wouldn’t wanna have a MOAB as well....
“You have more than you know”

Why yes. Yes we do.

In more ways than one. This one is on info. Other one is on our newly acquired “abilities” that are on deck.

Telekinesis, Teleportation and Resurrection Tech actually come standard with our model. And lots more.
Let this one sink in REAL good.

The Five Articles of the Declaration of Rights. July 4, 1776.

Official title.
“The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America”

13 Angry Dems. = 13 American Declarations. 😉 POTUS is good...

Take heed to #5
I’ll fire off the big parts and I’ll go find the link. It’s somewhere here.

Oh and apologize already for some of the writing on a couple pages. It’s healthy to get a bit fired up. Even Jesus flipped tables. Good times.
Yeah. See. Forewarning.
Well... I mean... if the page is colorful.. may as well make the language match.
Here’s the page matching the last one. And then the conclusion. The faster the truth gets out the better. Plus the link will be also in this post in a bit.
Oh and this was dated June 10, 2009. Just a reminder.......

They are using vaccines as bio weapons. Oh and chickens and pigs too. Because the virus could mutate to astronomical results within the very host. Swine. Bird. All done in Chinese labs. With help...
There’s a good reason why a bunch of chicken farms all burned down earlier in the year.

All infected. Why worry about cleaners when your kids eat chicken nuggets and....

How he composes himself on a daily basis is beyond me.. even for who he truly is. Its the proof.
Oh and BTW....

Wanna know how they know a second wave will hit and all that BS.

They literally have it all mapped out ...down to the day.

Looking for the link now.
Oh and as far as Mt Rushmore...

POTUS has dots under it ya know.

Since Time Travel is in use... who better to be at the Keystone than the ones on it. Washington. Jefferson. Teddy Roosevelt. Lincoln. JFK.

Can’t tell us. Ya gotta SHOW us.

A future proving past MOAB
Now we got it. Remember Bush signed over our “security”
To the WHO and UN in a Pandemic level 6, yet we don’t even come close to a level 6 on the chart. Who do they target... elderly. Nursing homes. Leaves them without a power of attorney. Stripped of rights. No visitors
October 27. There’s a 33. So look under 33. Gives no date so essentially we could say next day. October 28. Q drop anniversary
Look at the fatality rates. Can’t get a 6 on those numbers. No samples were ever taken of any pigs in Mexico. Inconclusive.
Remember. We play it all by the numbers. Ones that don’t fit. Question.
28 year old. More than one strain?
Lung infiltrates and Vomiting.

Do you know why they want you to wear a mask? Because then the virus remains contained inside your breathing area.
When they say Lung initiates and then Vomiting on top of it....

Is it a blood borne or airborne virus. Pick one. You can’t. You mutated to both. Do you throw up with a respiratory infection? No. You cough. The mask is making you recycle the bioweapon in your lungs
Right on time. 1918 pandemic. Who’s grandfather died from that?
Pres. Trump’s. Solvay. Mother’s of Darkness Castle owners. Dark coven of evil witches. Sanofi-Aventis right in print. It’s why he bought 500 in their stock.
Because if you look at the whole series, they go by each week.

Every Monday. M=13.

Now start at week 1 on Monday April 20. Every Monday is a 1. Count to July 13. You get 13 weeks.

Mathematically impossible to not be right. From there they go from +7 to +1 for 4 days....
4th day is Thursday July 16.

We look for series. The 5th Day (D5) will be July 17.

Gives us our 7. 17. AND if you still count with the weeks and count days as same value... it’s the 17th week as well.
The Peak is on Thursday... and the Pain is comin on Friday. Why?
Because the first major indictment will be the entire House of Reps
[H] which is an 8 as well. Gives us our 88 days. Post 1000 is a 100% confirmation with the other H =8
Oh and July 17, 2019 is when they passed the CARES ACT in the house. When did the Pandemic start? Oh yeah..
Clearly the secret societies are looking for who is to be the “one”. We got em. Don’t worry.
Create the Illness and the cure.

Dark to light.

David Rockefeller is the Parasite Menace (Pindar)
Trump is the Officer of the Christ, he’s got the cure for this...
And a 21 7-7-7
Cancer of the Breast. Think Lungs. Well within our breast area. Proof that these are Bioweapons. Funny that Terrorist nations can’t get our vaccines. Why? They are weaponized and can be used against them. They use em on us already. 🙄
They keep using the same Spanish Flu base that Rockefeller used to kill 20 million. (6 times that of the Holocaust... real # was 270,000. Not 6 million. We have that too.)
Plus it was killing Christians. No bueno.
Here’s the real Genocide.

Stage is set?? For eugenics and a Genocide. That’s a 5 and 7

13. Which is M as well. Murder.

What’s our marker? Viruses
1 bird 1 swine and 3 human flu viruses

11.3. Period separates 2D from 3D.
D5 :)
Kung Flu. Why is Big Pharma essential? It’s how they were gonna exterminate us. Also they realized we are Biologically Immortal Entities
The truth will have 99% of people in the hospital.
Yes. MedBeds. The truth is that we will all be fully healed. 1% not necessary (higher+)
Sooo money. Saudi Arabia. They have King Khalid Military City. Massive Cloning center for overthrow of Shah in Iran in 1979 ( started WW3 prophecy because Pike letter from 1871 to Mazzini removed from London university where it was in view until 1979. Now it’s fiction...🙄🙄)
China are supplying all the hardware, chips and servers for these raping humanoids. Infiltration over invasion? Could be both. Wanna know who headed this for the Army Corps of Engineers???

Peter Strzok Senior. His dad. Beyond pure evil.
Oh and look. It’s Thursday. We brought it in 2 days before the 4th.. the FB punishment is lifted, we called it... its time and date stamped back in 2018 in a “Special Place” on Fb.

Playing a game by rules opens up the game for even more fun and more information. WE did it.
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It’s showtime.
And in fact. Let’s go another route to prove that it’s mathematically impossible for this entire compilation to be just a coincidence.
Remember everything has what? Value. Letters have a numerical value.
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