Ok listen up Jwitter, we need to talk about Annexation and whose voices we amplify bc if you were to look a lot of our feeds rn you'd think the real victim here was the liberal Zionist dream and not the Palestinian people being dispossessed and subject to Apartheid
You don't like the word Apartheid? Imagine living under it! Palestinians have been for decades. We need to have a serious reckoning about how our comfort is elevated above Palestinian lives. The first step is listening to Palestinians, and not get defensive or tone policing them
As @AdalahJustice organizer Sandra Tamari points out, the focus on annexation as a threat to Israel's reputation rather than further harm against Palestinians normalizes the human rights abuses at play for decades that got us here
Here @4noura outlines how we got Annexation: Trump's support for the deepening of Israeli Apartheid, the undermining of Palestinian sovereignty by decades of US policy, the way Palestinian statehood has already been made impossible by settlement expansion https://twitter.com/4noura/status/1278370439228727300
Annexation not a single event but a continuation of Palestinian dispossession. The story of Palestinian displacement from the 1948 to 1967 until now is reflected in the stories of Palestinian elders who never saw justice, it has taken up entire lifetimes https://www.thenation.com/article/world/palestinian-grandmother-resistance/
The moment that is waking up some in the Jewish community is no surprise to West Bank Palestinians: "If you ask Palestinians in the Jordan Valley how they feel about annexation, many will tell you that they thought we had already been annexed long ago" https://www.972mag.com/jericho-annexation-jordan-valley-apartheid/
Like our current convos on racial justice in America, the priority can no longer be a comfortable conversation for those who already hold privilege. We need radical honesty and a commitment to change, and it starts with listening to the people most impacted, Palestinians
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