1/4. Many have become sickened by the evil of the left over the past 3.5 years. But, the DeepState has ALWAYS been this wicked. Millions are only aware of it now because Trump and Anons forced it into the open.

How can you convince people that change is needed with mere words?
2/4. You can't merely tell people that change is needed. They're too weathered from political games, they're too distrusting. You have to let people see the evil, allow them to watch what they previously accepted or even trusted...as it betrays them and destroys what they love.
3/4. It's sad. It's terrible. It's blatant crime against God, Country and the Constitution. Civil people know it should not be allowed to continue. But, it was allowed to go on behind the scenes for so long that our fellow countrymen and women became deeply deceived.
4/4. What took time to build will also take time to break down. We must hold fast to the end goal. We must embrace the change that needs to occur, change that is happening every single day as people join #TheGreatAwakening.

Keep digging, sharing and praying.

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