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In 1867, The British North America Act established two separate groups of Canadians:
Canadians, and "Indians"

Importantly it assigned legislative authority to the federal government over "Indians, and Lands reserved for Indians"
Generally 1870s is considered the start of residental schooling

The practice actually started in New France in 1620, the church had already begun the process of genocide of the native cultures before becoming entrenched in government policy
Government funding increased the spread of Residential schooling after 1870s with over 130 schools and more than 150,000 children seperated from families during operation

The last residential school closed in 1996, many people still live with the impacts of the practice today
In 1876 Canada passed "The Indian Act" to consolidate governance over native peoples cementing a system of cultural genocide that has continues to this day
In 1906 Helen MacMurchy appointed Ontario's "Inspector of the Feeble-minded" developing ideas in response to the growing international eugenics movement applied to disabled people

By 1920 she had published a study promoting segregation and sterilization
1908-1928 The Grain Growers Guide featured many independent writers on topics such as sufferage, motherhood, and child-rearing

Eugenic theory propagated among early suffragettes as they discussed the best way to birth and bring up kids
In 1910, Canada passed the Immigration Act to ensure people of "prohibited classes" would be denied entry with a system for deportation

These prohibited classes were highly defined by eugenic terms "unfit", "physically defective", etc.
In 1921, Dr.Hincks released the Mental Hygiene Survey of... Alberta stoking fears about genetic deficiency in immigrants and expressing support for sterilization as a solution accelerating Eugenics in western Canada

Concerns about immigrants in western Canada led to "An Act Respecting Chinese Immigration" to be passed in 1923 to further limit the perceived influx of "undesirables" & the "mentally incompetent or defective"

In 1927, the Canadian Medical Assn. Journal published an editorial promoting eugenics
"Eugenics and The Medical Profession"

This began the scientific community official support for the Eugenics movement in Canada https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC407753/
In 1932, Emily Murphy publishes "Overpopulation and Birth Control" tying together raciology concepts like "race suicide" with the practice of Eugenics in Canadian Society and concerns about Over-population
In 1937, Alberta amends the Sexual Sterilization Act to protect it from public outcry leading to an approx 3x increase in the number of aboriginal people being sterilized

Similar changes in law were proposed/enacted across Canada in years to come
In 1951, Amendments to The Indian Act introduce the term "mentally incompetent indian" fast tracking the sterilization pipeline from residental schools to institutions
From 1960s to the 1980s the "Sixties Scoop" was a cultural movement to kidnap aboriginal children from their family homes under the assumption they were "unfit parents" considerably genociding the remaining aboriginal culture, driven by Euro-Canadians
In 1972, the Alberta Eugenics Board is finally disbanded after approving a recorded 2832 sterilizations

This was the formalization of anti-eugenic sentiment that drove the practice of sterilization into the shadows of political discourse
In 1982, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms officially making all laws inconsistent with it null and void ending official protection for eugenics at the federal level
In 1995, Leilani Muir sued the Alberta Government for sterilizing her as a child

It was a landmark case the substantiated the legal case against eugenics in Canada, please listen to her story told by her in this video(please)
Eugenic sentiments continue to thrive in our Canadian society with concerns about immigration, race, genetics, over-population etc

When you build a nation on Genocide and Colonialism it turns out to have a lasting influence on culture
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