1) This is my #Qanon thread for July1, 2020

Q posts can be found here:

My Theme: Why is BLM pushed every 4 years?
3) Why would Democrats block a bill that preserves the life of a baby but does not restrict the right to have an abortion?
4) How much money do you think Planned Parenthood makes from the sale of infant body parts?

How much money do they donate to politicians?

Define blood money. https://twitter.com/LilaGraceRose/status/1278072413499068416
5) Q pointed out that before action could be taken to break up or regulate big tech companies, they had to be allowed to go too far. Their abuses would then give justification for their regulation.
6) The recipe used by the left and the media to control the narrative and enforce groupthink.
7) Last week, AG Barr explained that social media platforms were permitted to censor viewpoints, and that justified the need for regulation.
8) According to Barr, in the next few weeks, action will be taken against big tech companies that have been censoring political viewpoints.
9) Q suggested that Black lives Matter is, in fact, a slush fund that allows foreign (or other) entities that would not normally be eligible to donate to American politicians to support political campaigns, indirectly.
10) The fact that "Black Lives Matter" as a search term is only relevant to the culture immediately before a presidential election suggests it is a political tool, rather than an organic movement.

11) Q provided a roadmap that helps uncover where the money goes that is donated to Black Lives Matter.
12) Step one:
Go here: https://blacklivesmatter.com/ 

Then click "Donate"
13) The donation page for Black Lives Matter is hosted on an ActBlue domain.

14) ActBlue provides software & web solutions for Democrat fundraising:

"Powering Democratic candidates, committees, parties,
organizations, and c4s around the country.
15) Since all Black Lives Matter funds are routed through a Democrat funding organization, it begs a couple of questions:

Are all BLM donors Democrats?

If not, do they know where their money is going?
16) In 2020, ActBlue gave more than $119 million to Joe Biden's campaign and $186 million to Bernie Sanders' campaign.

17) ActBlue receives money from many organizations but they spend it exclusively on Democrat campaigns and causes.

This year, they've contributed more than a billion dollars to Democrat federal candidates.

18) Q reiterated how the press, politicians, and select people on social media (those with blue checkmarks by their names) reinforce the official narrative and attack anyone with a dissenting view.

You thinking for yourself is their biggest fear.
19) Interdasting. 🤔 https://twitter.com/HeatherChilders/status/1278380284149465089
20) Q's response.
21) Wait for it ... https://twitter.com/MaydayMatrix/status/1278375872387563521
23) https://twitter.com/Qanon76/status/1278270006485291008
28) A 4-count indictment has been unsealed against Ghislaine Maxwell for sex trafficking children.

(Right after Geoffrey Berman, US Attorney for SDNY was fired.)

Nothing can stop what is coming. https://twitter.com/Techno_Fog/status/1278691979732320259
29) Fox News reports Maxwell has been arrested on a 6 count indictment.
32) Q reposted a drop from January (on the right) that warned of coming arrests related to Jeffrey Epstein.

On the left, is Q's prediction on June 20th that the removal of SDNY US Attorney Berman would pave the way for arrests in major cases.
33) Q explained that yesterday's drop of the YouTube video from Last of the Mohicans was a hint that an operation was currently underway.
34) When operators approach the Landing Zone (LZ) they often play music to help with focus and motivation.
36) Are donations the result of increasing support for Joe Biden, or are they coming from people who unknowingly donate to Black Lives Matter?
37) Candace Owens dropping truth bombs about the 4 year race-baiting of Democrats.
38) Some believe that Ghislaine Maxwell will provide evidence to the Justice Department about the crimes of powerful people as part of a plea bargain.

I don't think that will happen.

Here's why.
40) Q began dropping posts about Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton and Rachel Chandler in March of 2019.
41) After Epstein was arrested last July, Q implied that his posts about Ray Chandler, Bill Clinton & Epstein were to raise public awareness of the issue.

Q also suggested Chandler had testified to the FBI/DOJ,
42) Ray Chandler's testimony would be the basis for the arrest of Epstein and the indictment of others (like Maxwell) who are involved.
44) SDNY news conference on Maxwell's arrest.
45) Jeffrey Epstein was not the main target of this investigation.
He's a low-level player who gathered video of illegal acts committed by powerful people who could then be blackmailed by the deep state and controlled.
49) An anon connected week 9 of Q's countdown (the current week) with a previous post about the first arrest and [Marker 9]. https://twitter.com/rn__deplorable/status/1278778177574318086
51) Q reminded us what was mentioned in the DOJ IG report on the FBI's investigation of HRC's emails.
52) The DOJ IG discusses how the FBI processed the evidence found on Anthony Weiner's laptop.
53) A reminder about who may be next.
54) Only the beginning.
56) Another patriot takes the oath. https://twitter.com/FishersOfMen7/status/1278692350181736448
58) Q posted a link to this tweet. https://twitter.com/kate_awakening/status/1278806933340696576
59) The music in the video is from this cover of Linkin Park's "In the End."
60) Scavino has it dialed in.
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