the side of hyungwon that people overlook: a thread
predebut hyungwon... lets get into it
hyungwons vocals are so underappreciated, but he has one of my favourite voices in the world
hyungwon has the nicest tone to his voice. it feels calm and safe and warm
he is a PERFORMER, he seriously has it all. the vocals, the dance, the visuals... he has it
he is part of dance line and dont u forget it
he has a collaboration with hongbin from VIXX, called cool love and he loves performing it
he can dj and is so passionate about it.. theres really nothing he cant do
third member of rapline
hyungwon is a literal model. lets not forget that he is a visual
walking in a fashion show... MODEL
when i say hyungwon can do everything... i mean everything
i just wanted to post this video because it makes me happy
he is the most caring and considerate person i know... he is so thoughtful of others feelings and it shows

he was reading changkyuns horoscope and it said he needs to speak more to friends and this was his response :(
he speaks about his friends in the most beautiful way, one i always remember is when he said that he sees wonho folding his angel wings every morning and keeps them in the drawer
his words to monbebe are always so beautiful
his advice is everything
i love him so much. his words are always so comforting
he is so supportive to his friends / members.. here he is supporting kihyun at his rehearsal for his OST performance
he is literally the funniest person in the world
without trying... he is a comedian
monbebe make him so happy, you can see how smiley he is when monbebe are hyping his lines
hyungwon actor of the century
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