Anatomy of a Psyop.

Austin was shown to be a fraud.

He was arrested by the FBI.

He's currently in violation of the Order Setting Conditions for his Release.

I wonder how the Special Agent on Austin's case feels about this?

If you want to know why Austin was arrested, here
you the Complaint...

The options are: 1) ignore Steinbart; 2) do what some of us are doing and call him out

Due to the growth of the Q movement, there are a lot of new eyes on Q and Austin knows this. If as he claims a documentary is being
prepared about Austin, it is important to make sure people have all the facts about this fraud.

The Cabal would love nothing more than to tie the Q movement to SteinLarp. They know most patriots will not be fooled by his lies, but they are using Austin to sow discord, cause
confusion to people who are new to Q, and to distract from Q's main mission.

Shills continue their efforts to impersonate Q...
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