People's History of #CanadaDay .

July 1, 1867 - Dominion establishes Canada within British Empire, legalizing colonial occupation over Indigenous lands & nations.

July 1, 1909 - Canada claims sovereignty over entire Arctic archipelago & Inuit people.

July 1, 1920 - Indian Act amendment receives royal assent; amendment can force status Indians to accept enfranchisement and loose treaty rights.

July 1, 1923 - Chinese Exclusion Act passes and the day becomes known as Humiliation Day.

July 1, 1935 - Regina Riot where workers were killed by RCMP during the On-to-Ottawa trek.

July 2004 - Canadian led MINUSTAH’s police contingent as part of crack down against Haitians protesting coup against Aristide, including Cité Soleil raid killing 23 Haitians.

Get further educated at Migrant Rights Network "Canada Day What? Fighting Colonialism & Anti-Black Racism" webinar.

Question Canada and discuss fight for Indigenous self-determination and Black Lives and intersections with migrant justice.

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Idle No More is hosting actions & broadcasts all day to honour all lives lost to Canadian State – Indigenous lives, Black Lives, Migrant lives, Women & Trans lives.

We will not celebrate stolen Indigenous land & stolen Indigenous lives #CANCELCANADADAY

Indigenous Climate Action is hosting an Anti-Canada day webinar to tear down oppressive systems and uplift Indigenous peoples in so-called Canada.

#CanadaDay #CanadaDay2020 #CANCELCANADADAY

Celebrate resistance to settler-colonialism, imperialism and oppression.

Instead of celebrating fiction of Canada 153, take today to honour survival of those who were never meant to survive & those who continue to fight on the frontlines.

Before someone spouts off about "it's not as bad as..," there is *nothing* worse than genocide (residential schools, forced sterilization, theft of land & children, forced assimilation) PLUS Canada's model of apartheid *was* borrowed by South Africa & Israel.

Canada is so progressive & tolerant that my tweets about #CANCELCANADADAY leads to swarm of polite Canadians telling me to be grateful or go back & trolls whose panties are in twist about cancel culture trying to cancel me w/ my employer. LOL! Enjoy your *fiction* of #CanadaDay.
For those who are convinced Canada is awesome & perfect & just - why are you SO bothered that others experience it as structurally unjust and oppressive? What are you SO worried about loosing in the struggle for decolonization & liberation? Why argue against shared humanity?
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