Is there a Discord server for tech YouTubers and if not, would y'all be interested in the creation of one? It would be JUST for tech YouTubers to trade tech, share advice, set up collabs, etc.
I struggle with setting up collabs as I often have imposter syndrome and anxiety about being turned down, so I never reach out to people. But this may be useful to other YouTubers who are trying to grow that may not have access to companies that I do. Etc etc.
Ok I made a thing. This is totally geared towards consumer oriented tech content creators who are currently creating content and looking to work with others. Hak5 already has an infosec community & since this was inspired by @EnglishDanYT I'm keeping it focused on cons. tech.
Here is a link to the Hak5 infosec discord: 
Also if I invite you or someone else invites you to the server and you want to help moderate please let me know. I am going to be taking a somewhat hands off approach but will be around to help moderate and edit/update channels, invite people, answer qs, collab.
ALSO ALSO if you are a consumer tech content creator and would like an invite please message me. Check this thread for basic criteria for joining.
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