Dear Nigerian Brands/Brands in Nigeria,


One of d major reasons why a lot of brands in Nigeria don't get value for their money when it comes to marketing comms especially via social media is, they are only concerned about trending.

"Make sure we trend"...
"We must trend o, top 4"

This forces the influencers to spam, "reply with...", giveaway etc.

Most times they trend, it isn't hard. But how about the conversion part? Does the conversation continue after you are out of the trend table? Do people really care after seeing your...

Here's my advice.

1. Focus more on teaching the influencers about your product/service. Let them know the in and out of it. This equips them enough to represent you properly instead of leaving a lot of unanswered questions during campaigns.
2. Give the influencers time. All the rushing to trend for a day, why not let them take their time to talk about your product/service when they feel their audience will listen?
The 500 tweets you want them to post in one hour, why not remove your mind from 'Trending' to...
...spreading those tweets through a longer period? You'll get better value and you won't look forced.
It is understandable that some brands need the 'trend' for the moment especially when it is the launch of something very new eg Music. However, focus more on long term.
3. Let the influencers sell your product/service in their own language/style, one that connects with their audience.
Stop forcing your words through people instead, let them sell you through their words/personality.

A lot of these influencers are very creative but you limit...
...them so much. Learn to be more flexible. The audience you want to reach are, so you have to conform.

4. Choose influencers that fit your brand personality not just those with numbers. When an influencer fits your brand easily, selling is easy.

Using someone who everyone...
...knows is a lover of alcohol of all kinds to sell your soft drink immediately comes off as "branded" and their audience might not be interested (although there are other ways to twist this eg alcohol+soft drink mixes).

Be deliberate and strategic.
People want to buy your product but they don't want to feel like you are forcing them to.

This is my 2cents though.
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