My last discourse for the morning:
I don't understand why lesbians get mad that their flag is not represented.
I do not want corporations to even know about the Genderqueer flag at all.

At this point I don't know if I even trust the Rainbow flag.

Am I just cynical?
Also, as an example of "none of this matters, there are no rules", the Genderqueer flag is the one I prefer even though I usually see myself as nonbinary because the nonbinary flag is just someone ruining the decent colour scheme of the asexual flag with an eye searing yellow bar
I just found this one on Google and it honestly looks better than most pride flags, even though I still hate the fucking yellow.

Even the trans flag with a black and brown stripe chevron flag is better, for simply having a chevron.
All of these pride flags are so uninspired that simply adding a chevron or a heart does wonders.

I started out complaining about corporatization but now I'm complaining about vexillology. God, why do our flags suck.
I don't know if Sapphic, Achillian, and Diamoric are things people actually identify as, but they should, because these flags actually look like nation flags. The Achillian one is the best. Though the Sapphic one is easy to draw (good trait of a flag).
I'm going to make my own flag. It will be the pride equivalent of the Chicago flag, often presented as one of the best city flags in America.
Holy shit, Phoenix's flag looks awesome.
Or I'll just make the Milwaukee of Pride flags.
This is generally considered the worst flag.
Anyway I don't even remember what I was complaining about. We need better flags.
Yes, I realize this means I'm contributing to the problem.
But have you considered: better flags.
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