Why I hate every brawler in brawl stars, a thread:
Shelly: the most no skill brawler which every noob thinks is God tier level. Her presence on your team will guarantee a loss
Nita: her voice is so annoying and why the hell is she the only enemy brawler that we can hear? The addition to hyper bear and her gadget have given rise to such a huge amount of shit nitas throughout all game modes, fml
Colt: all the auto aimers, simple as that
Bull: absolutely nothing to hate, Bull's my favorite, but I guess I can say all the noobs that started using him when Barbarian King Bull was released
Jessie: she's shit, way too reliant on her turret
Brock: why does he have so many skins, what about skins for everyone else
Dynamike: Not the easiest brawler to land hits with, meaning randoms are terrible using him
Bo: fuck this guy, his gadget combined with Tara and/nani is such a no skill combination and when he spams those mines, you know you're shitty ass randoms are gonna trigger them and make you lose the game
Tick: The most annoying brawler by far, and for whatever reason, I see a lot of people try to use his gadget to try to do an insane save in brawl ball
8-bit: he's so slow and the introduction of his gadget sparked a new trick save that I've seen too many people fail to perform
Emz: she's too OP, why has she not been nerfed more
El Primo: 10 gems + a super in gem grab, you know the rest
Barley: its impossible to not like barley, but for the purpose of this thread, I guess I'll say red wizard barley
Poco: there are 2 different pocos. Theres the healer which constantly keeps his teammates alive and is a really annoying when paired up with tanks and then theres the solo poco, this particular species never heals his teammates and only uses screeching solo
Rosa: I still have PTSD from when she was released l, if you didn't have her in your team, you would instantly lose
Ricochet: yes I know he's Rico but in all honesty, riccochet is the problem. He's exactly what I call a noob skin and literally every time I see one, they never use bank shots, what's the point in using Rico if you're not going to use bank shots!!!
Darryl: His voice lines are great but his voice itself, it's not very fitting
Penny: unlike Jessie, Penny is actually very capable without her mortar. Her reload speed is too slow for my taste however
Carl: there are too many counters to his super, he feels a bit useless sometimes because of that
Jacky: her gadget and second star power combine for one of the most OP things ever witnessed in this game
Piper: there was a time when piper was OP with her star power, snapping sniping. Instead of nerfing it, her other star power was buffed and I don't believe anybody else has received such "good treatment"
Pam: she can keep her entire team alive, it's very annoying to go up against under specific combinations
Frank: why the hell does he attack so slow
Bibi: What other melee brawlers can hit from a sharpshooters distance, she's too fast, has a fucking shield, and that knock back all combine for an annoying little bitch. I'd also like to add that I hate all the hype about heroine bibi skin, I don't see what's so cool about it
Bea: she does so much damage, I'm surprised she's gone under the radar
Nani: is it nani like in Japanese or is it like a Nanny? She also combines well with Bo's gadget for a no skill strat
Mortis: 2 different type of mortis. Theres the brawl ball one, which only ever feeds supers to the other team or tries to solo score and/or a bank shot. All results are the same, you lose. The other mortis is the heist mortis, this one does absolute fuck all and attempts to be
Can ya dig it. Either way, Morris on your team is a guaranteed loss
Tara: imagine being so over reliant on your super that if you miss it, it's game over. Yup, that's tara in a nutshell. She can however, team up with Bo's gadget to make a no skill combination
Gene: he's literally found in every game mode except heist, typically when a brawler is good at every game mode, you'd expect a huge nerf
Max: no random knows how to utilize her speed, they only every use it to charge in to their deaths
Mr. P: who is Mr. P? Is it gene in disguise? Maybe that's why he's so annoying. His penguins are a lot more than what they look like
Sprout: why is sprout an "it" plants have sexes too. Anyhow, it is by far, the most OP brawler currently and I still don't see that changing even after the updated balance changes
Spike: if you hate spike, don't talk to me
Crow: the second most annoying brawler in the game. Once he hits you, there is no healing and he's going to follow you all game, can't he just fuck off. I hate how cool everyone says he is because that's made some people like him too much that they use him for every game mode...
Crow is not a brawler that should be used in every game mode. I've come to the conclusion that he's only used in brawl ball to do a trick save, randoms always fail at this
Leon: all the kids crying about failing to win him, along side his shark skin, during all those giveaways. He's not very good outside of showdown so you're just about 90% of the time going to lose with one of these in your team
Sandy: why the fuck can this sleepy boy hit through the corners of walls!!! And why does his sandstorm last so long
Gale: his gadget has given rise to such a no skill strat in both heist and siege
End of thread

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