Today is the #AshadhiEkadashi. A note on the significance of this day. It is the time when the Lord comes to meet you, that is the belief.
It is one of the ekadasis occuring every year and is one of the most auspicious Ekadashis . It is known by many names.
1.Deva Shayana Ekadasi
2.Padma Ekadasi
3.Maha Ekadasi
4.Toli Ekadasi ( Maharashtra)
5.Jagannatha Maha Ekadasi.
Today is also the day of the beginning of the Chaturmasya vrata .Chaturmasya is primarily a vrata for the Asectics and sanyasis .As the name suggests this is a period of four months starting with Ashada masa in Dakshinayana when Lord Vishnu sleeps in Vaikuntha .
It is monsoon time and there is usually a lot of movement of tiny insects and various animals during this time. Hence the Sanyasi was advised to take up a Vrata of staying at the same place for four months to ...
avoid killing the tiny insects that moved about during this time and incurring negative karma.
Today is also the final day of the Pandharpur Yatra. The singing devotees of Maharashtra are called Varkari’s and every year in the month of Ashada the yatra begins from the Great Saint Tukaram’s temple in dehu .
This day, a huge yatra or religious procession of pilgrims known as Pandharpur Ashadi Ekadasi Waari Yatra culminates at Pandharpur, in Solapur district in south Maharashtra, situated on the banks of the Chandrabhaga River.
Pandharpur is main center of worship of the deity Vitthal, a local form of Vishnu. Lakhs (hundreds of thousands) of pilgrims come to Pandharpur on this day from different parts of Maharashtra.
Some of them carry Palkhis (palanquins) with the images of the saints of Maharashtra. Dnyaneshwar's image is carried from Alandi, Namdev's image from Narsi Namdev, Tukaram's from Dehu, Eknath's from Paithan, Nivruttinath's from Trimbakeshwar, Muktabai's from Muktainagar,
I would like to repeat the wishes of @onlyonenetra - पांडूरंग हरी। रामकृष्ण हरी। आषाढी एकादशीच्या सगळ्यांना खूप खूप शुभेच्छा
Also an Abhang as shared by @mayamadhava in his tweet:
Wishing all friends that the blessings of Panduranga Vithala be all with you, with India for her to prosper in every which way. @TempleTrails
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