For leaders and activists who speak in support of fake educated and fake licensed PIA pilots,

I am amazed at those who consider it a blessing to stand with thieves and speak in support of the hatred of Imran.

The thief's brother cut the knot.

All the thieves and their
followers, supporters,
To recruit,
I send curses on those who pass, against merit, those who speak and stand for fake degrees

The domicile quota system in all major institutions and departments should be abolished and only second and third class jobs should be maintained for
the time being.

Recruitment on merit and not on domicile,

Shame on all the important leaders, bureaucrats and other mafias who recruited such incompetent princes against merit because no poor person can be recruited or appointed to such posts.

May Allah guide all those who
play with the lives and property of the people, may He defeat them. If guidance is not in their destiny, may Allah destroy all such people. Amen

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