Pride month is nearly over and I want you, yes you, reading this right now to know: you're not alone. Those confusing feelings you have sometimes, you don't have to feel bad about them. You don't need to make any announcements. Maybe just let them sit in your brain a while.
It's easy to let fear and shame sweep those thoughts under the rug for another day, another month, another year, and then a lifetime passes and you never knew what it could be like to be all of yourself, and not just the part that was easy to be, the part people expected.
Maybe it means making some major life choices. Maybe it just means letting yourself make remarks that will make your friends raise an eyebrow. Maybe you just keep those thoughts to yourself, but let them be there. Stop chasing them away and burying them. See if you're happier.
We made Pride into rainbows and glitters are parties and political protests and intersectional politics and we did all of that for really great reasons but remember that the root of Pride is simply the absence of shame. Let yourself feel, without shame.

There. Happy Pride.
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