Looks like @kinsellawarren doesn’t like getting called out for dirty deeds.

Thanks for the subtweet, I guess.

So here’s a thread about some of the actions of Kinsella and his “Daisy Group” over the past while.

For starters, here's the tweet that he blocked me over.

I referenced his company's meetings with Jody Wilson-Raybould prior to her turning on her own party.

Notice that in his tweet he didn't refute this?
He just attacked and blocked.

#cdnpoli https://twitter.com/youseepeeYYC/status/1275141083131867136?s=20
Inside that Free The Press Canada link, you'll find gems like archives of @kinsellawarren doxing twitter user Paddy O Limerick to protect his operation.

To avoid confrontation, Paddy quit twitter. https://archive.is/3fS1i#selection-3335.0-3341.12
For me, this all happened shortly after I joined twitter. I had just discovered her and suddenly she was gone.

Many who I followed had put a ☘️ in their name as a sign of respect. I didn't know why.

Here's a screen shot of Kinsella's threat against Paddy O'Limerick.

Why was Kinsella being so protective?

He had a reason.

No I guess being an all-round terrible person with dirty dealings with corrupt political parties can take it's toll.

I guess it took it's toll on Kinsella's marriage?

He sort-of blamed the end of his on the PMO.

#cdnpoli https://twitter.com/WaytowichNeil/status/1211385282827870210?s=20
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