A thread highlighting how protective Mew is with Gulf, the lengths he will go to ensure Gulf is comfortable and safe.
Mew was rightly fuming about this and called the perpetrator out on Twitter. See below for tweet.
In medieval times every monarch had an official King' or Queens Taster who's job was to taste all the food that the King or Queen would eat in case of poison. Why would someone would poison Gulf though? Lol.
A classic guide Gulf through the crowds before someone steals him move.
Protecting Gulf's thights from the right of hoards of thirsty hoes...sorry Waanjai.
"Who is shooting my Nong?" A glorious death attempting to save Gulf. They crawled away together.
Mew showing off his arm. What happens when Gulf tries it?
The KFC/Rob game night. This was the last week of January. They had been massively busy, Gulf had to defend himself over his ex, they were both exhausted and Mew was ill. They were separated here and the female MC basically ran over to glue herself to Gulf's side. Legendary.
The Calendar Fansigning earlier the same week. An incredibly long day for them both. Mew recognised This fan, it was the only time he did not smile all day. Note Gulf's relief when it is over and Mew's expression. This man had put his hands all over Gulf a few weeks before.
Another guiding Gulf through crowds but at top speed classic.
Escalators get you when you least expect it, so its just as well Mew is holding on to Gulf.
Protecting the baby in the bath from the evil, pinkhanded Boat.
One of the posters had dared to give Gulf a paper cut. 0
Another trying to save Nong and completely failing effort at FreeFire. We Stan a man you will save his bro even when he is an avatar.
Yves Rocher in bad week January. Note how quickly Mew's expression changes when he notices the fan touching Gulf.
Chinese New Year, no explanation needed.
Still have more to post.
Jenim Sports Day. See how everyone they fall, Mew makes sure his arm is under Gulf so he doesn't land hard on those soft, sponge like matress things.
Note Mew's soaked shoulder as he completely covers Gulf with the umbrella.
I'm surprised the barrier survived this attack on Gulf.
Mew doesn't even need to be looking at Gulf to go all protective.
You see Gulf knew first, and I think Mew made a vow to be that knight in shining armour.
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