The @SenateGOP decision to strip our intelligence and defense legislation of a provision requiring presidential campaigns to report offers of election help from foreign agents is yet another cynical, partisan attempt to enable @realDonaldTrump’s cheating and lying. (1/4)
It should go without saying that an offer of electoral help from a foreign actor– including dirt on an opponent– should be reported to the FBI. But the Trump camp proved that expecting people to do the right thing for our democracy isn’t enough; it must be enshrined in law. (2/4)
That’s why I authored and have carried the Duty to Report Act since 2018, & @SenBlumenthal offered our bill in his chamber. I worked to get the language included in our House Intelligence bill, but Republicans’ disdain for protecting our democracy continues unabated. (3/4)
To ignore the need for this legislation is to ignore everything we’ve learned in the past four years, and it’s a green light for more foreign interference in our elections. (4/4)
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