🇦🇺 So, how do we do it? To become a republic with an Australian as the head of our country, we need a national vote - called a 'referendum' - to change our constitution. Every Australian voter would have the opportunity to vote 'yes' or 'no' (cont'd) #auspol #ausrepublic
...to all the detail of an Australian republic. If more than half of all voting age Australians vote ‘yes’, and if more than half vote ‘yes’ in at least four of the six states, then the change would go ahead. #auspol #ausrepublic
But to make this happen we need you to to act now. We urgently need your support. Learn more about the critical role you play by signing up to our email list: https://bit.ly/3eM58mq 

#auspol #ausrepublic
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