Thread: One of the “medics” at the CHAZ/CHOP recent shooting of two minors is Dan Baker, an American sniper who joined the YPG in Syria

Pics 1 & 2 are him, tweeted by himself + YPG

Pic 3 his witness account

Pic 4 YPG telegram celebrating a body count

#CHOP #chopshooting
2) the YPG is considered a terrorist group and British citizens who participate have recently been arrested as terrorists

Dan Baker left the Autonomous Zone in Syria, and is now in the Seattle Autonomous Zone

#CHAZ #CHOP #Seattle 
3) it seems Mr Baker’s goals were to “inspire” American “Antifascists” in their cause and goals.

Got it? It’s environmental feminist communism. It requires guns. 

#CHAZ #CHOP #chopshooting
4) here’s a background on Antifa’s middle eastern training and fighting.
5) for what it’s worth, the YPG uploads firefights with body counts to @YouTube

Those videos of explicit violence remain on the platform.

I won’t link them. But they’re there.
6) The Dayton terrorist followed this Antifash Gordon too.
7) conspiracy time

What if the Seattle Autonomous Zone was modeled after #Rojava?

Is it really conspiracy? We have Seattle Antifa talking about this prior. We have Rojava fighters like Dan Baker at the CHOP CHAZ
8) A trained fighter can take sniper fire but can’t deal with twitter. The homie should know everything was backed up before anyone said a word.
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