It's a Tuesday, and a bunch of tweets pushing a poorly-explained @gatewaypundit conspiracy theory about Anthony Fauci, the price of remdesivir, and George Soros have received far more retweets than likes, a fingerprint of the #Mighty200+ #MAGA retweet rooms.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We downloaded tweets containing both "Fauci" and "remdesivir", yielding 7585 tweets from 6856 accounts. Very little of the traffic looks automated, which didn't really surprise us as we suspect the artificial amplification is coming from humans in DM rooms rather than bots.
Can we estimate how much of the Fauci/remdesivir traffic is from accounts in these rooms? We've previously observed that we can identify likely room members based on the presence of large numbers of tweets with more retweets than likes on their timelines.
We downloaded recent tweets from the 6856 accounts with Fauci/remdesivir tweets and found 248 accounts that had more retweets than likes on at least half of their most recent 3200 tweets. We confirmed empirically that a couple dozen are or have been in #Mighty200+ retweet rooms.
Although these 248 suspected retweet room members only make up 3.6% of the 6856 of accounts tweeting Fauci/remdesivir conspiracy tweets, they had disproportionate impact: 1191 of 7585 tweets (15.7%) are tweets from these 248 accounts or retweets thereof. #Lobsterfest
Retweet network for Fauci + remdesivir. The suspected retweet room members cluster together, as one would expect if they are in fact a coordinated network of retweet groups. One of the main accounts, @SiCk_DiAbLo, is among those we know to be #Mighty200 retweet room participants.
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