15 years ago I worked at Wal*Mart in the jewelry section.
Some of my wildest memories:
That time someone plopped their baby down on my desk asking me to do a return on the earrings that had grown into the baby's earlobe INSTEAD OF TAKING THE BABY TO A DOCTOR. https://twitter.com/KikiDoodleTweet/status/1223805861971156993?s=20
When we got a large shipment of swastika children's watches and I just panicked and hid them in a drawer where I knew no one would find them.
When my boss accidentally accepted a cubic zirconia return as a DIAMOND return, and put a thousand dollar + price tag on a fake diamond and I had to get upper management involved when she refused to acknowledge the mistake.
When a white guy asked me to do $300 in purchases of gift cards on credit, and I asked for an ID and he showed me a CLEARLY BLACK MAN'S ID, (He claimed the sun darkened the ID) and when he called in my manager, my manager JUST DID THE TRANSACTION?!!?
When my Louisiana coworker who was a worshiper of Wal*Mart waved and shouted "HIII" to a Black coworker, then leaned down to tell me "They just ain't like you and me. They're DIFFERENT. I'd disown any child of mine who dated a person like that." And I wish I had punched her.
A person just took a dump in the middle of the floor.
There's... a diarrhea poop. Right by my station.
A helpful old man was like "Oh I'll pick this up for you!"
And then he grabbed it with a paper towel before I could go "THAT IS A POOP" and he almost barfed everywhere.
When a family was running a theft ring at our Wal*Mart and would distract us by having their young daughter ask for her ears to be pierced then "chicken out" while the older daughter tried to steal jewelry.
Wal*mart waited until they stole enough for a federal crime to book them
When we would refuse to pierce baby's ears without 2 people on staff, so we could do both ears at once, and parents would just tell us "I can force their head down on the class counter top if they cry and wiggle so you can finish the job"
When I was written up for being 10 minutes LATE taking my lunch because I had just found out my aunt died, and I had to have a meeting with my bosses explaining how it would never happen again.
When a woman asked to try on a ring that was too small for her and she FORCED it over her knuckle, and I PANICKED and started PRAISING how great it looked on her and talked her into buying it because it was NEVER coming off.
Just the fact that my ears were pierced by my coworker because in order to learn how to pierce ears we were asked to practice on one another.
Okay, okay, this is all terrible, but I can definitely attest that working Hell jobs made me SO much less likely to take shit from bosses in future jobs and my day to day life as an adult.
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