The agency that oversees the immigration system sent out furlough notices to more than 13K employees.

The agency has requested funds from Congress to avoid furloughs in a month.

If they go through: "It essentially will shut down the immigration system."
In recent days, USCIS employees have been waiting nervously to receive notices. Some have been spared, while others have not.

There’s worry among some that the Trump administration isn’t worried about immigration and asylum officers being out of work.
USCIS employees, according to one agency source, are “freaking out.”

Some employees are even making efforts to secure other employment to make ends meet if it comes to it.
Multiple congressional sources with knowledge of the funding debate are hopeful that the money is provided to avoid the mass furloughs though advocates are pushing for concessions in return.

Edlow told @rollcall he hopes Congress will include the funding in a pandemic aid bill.
If you work at USCIS -- message me if you want to talk.
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