What’s the drakiest Drake lyric
All of my let’s just be friends are friends I don’t have anymore is crazy
Man y’all leaving out some gems

“I shoulda put you somewhere where no one can find you”

“I met someone new last night and we kicked it. And im going back there tonight”

“We not together but I get the info on you cuz I’m nice to your friends woah woah woaaah” dog WHAT 💀💀💀
“Self control ain’t never been your thing”

“How the fuck you seen so many beaches?”

“I see you back in Turks
Remember who took you there first and don't you forget it” DONT YOU FORGET IT LMFAOOO
“Got so many chains they call me chaining Tatum” is in the lead but that’s more of like a trash bar. I’m talking about the ones where you think “dog this nigga needs therapy”
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