USCIS' @HomelandKen, who was unlawfully appointed, had the audacity to say that #DACA is illegal & won't be accepting new applicants.

@DHS_Wolf & @HomelandKen need to follow the SCOTUS mandate & allow people to apply for #DACA for the 1st time! #ReOpenDACA

In the meantime...👇🏾
If you're wondering if you qualify to apply for #DACA...

Here are 7⃣ things you should have in mind 👇🏾
And while we wait for @USCIS to re-open #DACA applications...

Here are 8⃣ things you should be getting ready in order to apply 👇🏾
These ☝️🏾 are just a few of the things you'll need to know in order to apply for DACA.

Find the answers to all of your #DACA related questions in our toolkit below.
And if you're in need of financial assistance to help cover the costs of your renewal fees...

Please apply to our #DACA fund 👇🏾 as you may be eligible to receive aid.
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