1/6 Today the @ClimateCrisis Committee released its comprehensive #climatechange report detailing a Congressional action plan for #SolvingTheClimateCrisis with a sustainable clean energy economy and a more healthy, resilient, and equitable America.
2/6 The @ClimateCrisis Climate Action Plan for #SolvingTheClimateCrisis calls for:
• Achieving 100% clean, net-zero emissions economy-wide in the U.S. by 2050.
• Tough interim targets to encourage and measure our progress.
3/6 The @ClimateCrisis Committee's #climatechange report would grow our economy and put Americans to work in good-paying jobs in industries like clean energy production and transmission, clean-energy vehicles, more energy-efficient equipment and buildings, and clean manufacturing
4/6 The think tank Energy Innovation estimates that the @ClimateCrisis Crisis Action Plan would:
• Achieve net-zero CO2 emissions before 2050
• Prevent 62,000 premature deaths annually by 2050
• Provide nearly $8 trillion in cumulative climate and health benefits through 2050.
5/6 The @ClimateCrisis plan includes much of the CLEAN Future Act that my Energy and Commerce Committee colleagues and I have been developing, and it includes a bill I introduced to promote the adoption of energy storage technology to make renewable energy more reliable.
6/6 Let’s #ActOnClimate with the urgency it deserves by putting the country on a path to net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 and creating a better planet for future generations. #climatechange. http://climatecrisis.house.gov/report 
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