Good Afternoon #DeSatan.
dba/ @GovRonDeSantis
I had a bit of free time in between bean flicking & bonbon consumption to make this.
I hope you enjoy it - it was a lot of work
Only the very best for my alligator humping-ppe-hoarding-hobbit
I’m on you - have been for months
Your deleterious decisions to keep beaches open, I blame you for one of my little’s teacher dying earlier this year.
YES I blame YOU
I’m hoping you are sued in to financial insolvency

LONG THREAD with Receipts
Good Evening #deSatan dba/ @GovRonDeSantis
Your State is breaking daily COVID-19 cases
>3x increase in pneumonia deaths
-hiding hospitalization data
Yet you signed an Abortion law?
You sir are a trumpian POS
Hope JCN pays your legal bills you nitwit
You @GovRonDeSantis are a hypocritical POS
I’m stone cold serious is Leo Lenard going to fund the lawsuits coming your way? Your about to be bench slapped
The “law” you just signed (dumbfucker wont close beaches) but “sanctity of life”
👇🏻SCOTUS held👇🏻
To show you how f*cked up @EducationFL @richardcorcoran STATE WIDE MANDATE IS
-usurps power & decision making from local govt & school boards
It is unequivocally irresponsible
What’s next —>require students, parents & teachers to sign liability waivers?
Now in the context of THESE DATA FIGURES @richardcorcoran and @GovRonDeSantis should be SUED in their personal & official capacity
Florida Department of Health Updates New COVID-19 Cases, Announces Forty-Seven Deaths Related to COVID-19 07/06/20
Any questions?
Florida you elected @GovRonDeSantis so he’s your monster so deal with him - preferably in court.
Sue him into financial insolvency
He nor your 1st lady @FLCaseyDeSantis give a sh!t about you or your children
Both @GovRonDeSantis & @richardcorcoran should be sued in their official & individual capacity.
If you’re a Florida Parent with children, you should call “dick” & voice (politely) your opinion
about his 👇🏻RECKLESS MANDATE👇🏻
Good Gawd almighty
#deSatan @GovRonDeSantis is completely out of his depths.
I mean I assumed y’all already knew that (see top of this thread, volume UP <— trust me on that)
But this?
My twitter job here is done @DWUhlfelderLaw using “DaSatan” is the height of my limited twitter life
Because that’s exactly what @GovRonDeSantis is
This link will take you to today‘s Press Release

IMO the Wash Post Article was a little light on facts so I decided to track down straight from the FEA source.
See page 2, last paragraph - it’s alarming & this is when Unions really do come in handy
FEA Press Release -embedded link to the lawsuit:
“..arbitrary, dangerous, and unconstitutional actions in the midst of the pandemic create an imminent threat to the public health, safety and welfare”
cc @DWUhlfelderLaw @chrislongview @TheRickWilson
Full Disclosure, I’m not an attorney, I’m the one they turn to for research & poke holes in arguments
Nor am I that well versed in FL Law.
Plaintiffs have a representative class arguably subclass
actual educators✔️
parents of students✔️
protective class✔️
. @GovRonDeSantis: “..meeting the dangers presented to this state and its people by emergencies.”
@richardcorcoran; “decide to reopen schools without adherence to the constitutional mandate of maintaining safe and secure public schools”
No really page 7 paragraph 22 #DeSatan

‘17,000 cases in children under 18 years old, 213 hospitalizations, and 4 deaths. The harsh reality is that Florida had a 31% positivity test rate among children as of last week..”
cc @DrDenaGrayson read the lawsuit
🚩March 17, 2020, when the state had reported just 314 total COVID-19 cases

🚩July 20, 2020*
Total cases =360,394 Hospitalizations =21,263
Deaths =5,072

*data source
FEA lawsuit
Summary (remember I’m not that well versed in FL law)
FL Gov & Dept Ed ignoring;
-CDC Guidelines
-stripped power from Counties & Cities
-hiding data
-zero “exemptions“
IMO the FEA complaint is on solid footing both in terms of FL Constitution & commonsense
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