Most Album roll-out in naija is nonsense, both before and after the album drops, most people it's just playlisting and inshallah
Its actually painful and crazy that upcoming guys put more effort in the whole album roll out cruise than the bigger artists, like there are 1 million things you can do to create awareness about the album before it drops and push it after it drops
Of the top of my head you can do sit downs with platforms like @The49thSt @wetalksound these are platforms that have a following of people that are interested in naija music, so that's like ready made audience for you
You can talk about what to expect from your Album or even do it after the album drops and talk about how certain tracks was recorded, how you scored certain features, these are stories people want to hear
@PulseNigeria247 Has pulse tv one on one
@MoniOsibodu Has moni talks
@ndaniTV Has the TGIF Show
@acceleratetv has THE whole truth
@JoeyAkan Has the afrobeats intelligence
@NativeMag does mad piece on artists all the time
these are all platforms your team should get you on
I mean your album just dropped or its about to drop, your face should be everywhere, it shouldn't be just Album launch, playlisting and inshallah
I'm talking strictly as a fan, i just feel like there is so much more we can be doing, to make the whole process more wholesome
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