One thing I notice when I scroll through my timeline is people's inability to see how American systems are built on racism and white supremacy ideologies.

I've created a short list to get some people thinking.

Examples of Systemic Racism:

A thread...

The "War on Drugs" (period) which has also allowed many other racist practices such as "stop and frisk" to continue

Black people are disproportionately targeted for arrest for posession and the sale of drugs

Employer Tied Healthcare & Hospital/Clinic Locations

Black & Latinx ppl make up 48% of all Americans who fall into the coverage gap created by the states refusing to expand Medicaid. These rates hinder progress toward reducing inequities in outcomes

Which has thus led to the persisting Wealth Gap between Black people and white people

"The Black-white wealth gap reflects a society that has not and does not afford equality of opportunity to all its citizens"

Getting a degree will solve the problem... oh wait...

"Since the beginning of standardized testing, students of color, particularly those from low-income families, have suffered the most from high-stakes testing in U.S. public schools"

Systemic practices = material structures informed by symbolic systems (white supremacy) - these two govern how we act, think & what we believe

Systematic practices not only shape policies that have material effects, but those material structures shape symbolic systems too

This is in no way an all inclusive list... Just something that has been on my mind. I would encourage you to read, retweet and share other examples you think about, understand and experience

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