Listen I know it is a hard pill to swallow but it needs to be said. #MewGulf are famous. They are in the industry. No matter what I, you, or anyone else thinks the world doesn’t work or think like we all do in this fandom. They would unfortunately lose a
ton of jobs/sponsorships if they were to come out right now as a couple. We all see something miraculous and beautiful but tons of people in this scary world don’t see it like we do. They are homophobic. The BL industry in tons of places is still considered taboo. It is like
People somehow think it’s ok that men play gay roles but if one of them would come out they don’t get as many jobs. There have even been BL companies that say they only hire straight actors. That is fucked up beyond measure but that unfortunately happens. Our job is not to try
To force or try to make them come out and say anything...they have hinted towards being to together for a very long time now. I think they want us to know without saying anything out loud because no matter what it’s unfortunately a risk to both of their careers. It is
Our job as #Waanjai to respect and love them both through thick and thin. They need to know that even if they choose to not come out and say something out loud that we still love and support them for the amazing men they both are. They openly and loudly spread love for
the LGBT community. That is way more then we can say for the majority of the BL industry. They are both amazing human beings. They love eachother dearly and we need to learn to respect their boundaries and not try to force anything out of them when they are not ready.
They will say something when they feel it is right. Also if they never say something out loud that is ok too. They don’t owe us anything. They allow us to be in their world for parts of their life but we don’t need to see everything they do for eachother. Let them love
How they want to love. Let it be loud, quiet, or anything in between. Just keep supporting them and loving them ..that is what you as a fan are entitled to do. It’s not your place to try to try to force them out. It is not your love story. It is Mew and Gulf’s love story 🌈
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