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Hear me. Stop celebrating the
idea that back in Africa we were kings & queens. The idea of royalty requires a nation of peasants & slaves. That very idea is responsible for those same African kings & queens selling our black asses into slavery.
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To celebrate royalty is to celebrate your own oppression & enslavement. This is why I marveled at the spectacle of black people celebrating Megan Markle marrying into the original architects of white supremacy as though it was some great affirmative action hire.
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This is why I also marvel at the spectacle of black Americans falling 4 the slave tourism industry hustle by African nations like Ghana who 4 a small fee will tell U that U descend from some great royal tribe. Royalty in black face is no better than royalty in white face.
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Wealthy Africans did the same thing to us that wealthy Europeans did. They both were co-conspirators in constructing the hell we now occupy. This why I have never bought into the idea that black Americans should ever be in the business of romanticizing Africa.
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Herein lies the ruse of PanAfricanism. This is no small charge, but in my estimation PanAfricanism is the quid pro quo or the wink & the nod between wealthy Africans & wealthy Europeans to exculpate Africans for their role in the TransAtlantic slave trade.
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I no more want to return to Africa than I want to return to the horribly abusive biological family I grew up in. Not all relatives are family & in my viewpoint the 400+ years hell African nations sold us into is unforgivable.
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