Thread: Who was Arthur Shawcross? Future proves past.
1. Arthur John Shawcross (June 6, 1945 – November 10, 2008), also known as the Genesee River Killer, was a serial killer active in Rochester, New York.
2. His first known murders were in 1972 when he killed a young boy and a girl in his hometown of Watertown, New York.
3. Shawcross was born in Kittery, Maine, the first of four children of Arthur Roy Shawcross and Elizabeth "Bessie" ("Betty") Yerakes Shawcross. His family moved to Watertown, New York when he was young.
4. While several later tests showed Shawcross' intelligence to be sub-normal or even "borderline retarded," he received As and Bs in his first two years of grade school but was later tested to have an IQ of 86, signifying below average intelligence.
5. Shawcross said throughout his childhood, he was a frequent bed-wetter (which is one part of the Macdonald triad). He later claimed his mother would insert foreign objects into his rectum and that his aunt performed oral sex on him when he was 9,
6. and that during junior high school he had sexual relations with his sister. Shawcross had a reputation at school as a bully and would frequently act out violently. He dropped out of high school in 1960.
7. In April 1967, at age 21, he was drafted by the Army. At this time, Shawcross divorced his first wife and gave up his rights to their 18-month-old son, whom he never saw again.[2] He served one tour of duty in Vietnam, where he boasted of grotesque combat exploits,
8. such as "beheading mama-sans and nailing their heads to trees as a warning to the Vietcong"—though, [THEY] say, he never saw combat.
9. After Vietnam he was stationed at Fort Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma as an armorer. His second wife Linda experienced several aspects of his disturbing behavior, especially his penchant for starting fires;
10. an Army psychiatrist told her that Shawcross derived "sexual enjoyment" from fire starting.
11. After his discharge from the Army, Shawcross moved with his wife from Oklahoma to Clayton, New York. His wife would soon divorce him, and he began committing crimes such as arson and burglary.
12. His offenses earned him a five-year sentence at Attica Correctional Facility, and later Auburn Correctional Facility.
13. After serving 22 months, he was granted an early release in October 1971, in part due to his role in the rescue of a correctional officer during a prison riot. You will see a pattern of NY's repeated enabling of violent offenders throughout this dig.
14. Shawcross returned to Watertown, eventually getting a job with the Watertown Public Works Department, and marrying for the third time. On May 7, 1972, (Only 7 months following his EARLY release)
16. On September 2, just prior to the body's discovery, he raped and killed eight-year-old Karen Ann Hill, who had been visiting Watertown with her mother for the Labor Day weekend. Shawcross was arrested the next day. A grand jury indicted Shawcross for murder in Hill's death.
17. On October 17, he was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of first degree manslaughter for both deaths and was sentenced to an indeterminate term at Attica, with a maximum of 25 years. Why the sweetheart deal? This man raped and murdered two children!
18. This is how the liberal DA spun it. Jefferson County District Attorney William McClusky explained the plea by stating there was no direct evidence linking Blake and Shawcross, only Shawcross' confession to police.
19. McClusky also suggested he could have argued at trial that he was under "extreme emotional disturbance," and a jury would have been likely to arrive at a verdict of manslaughter.
22. After fourteen years, inexperienced prison staff and social workers concluded that Shawcross was "no longer dangerous", disregarding the warnings of psychiatrists, who had assessed Shawcross as a "schizoid psychopath."
23. He was released on parole in April 1987. Inexperienced staff or orders from on high?
25. He first moved into Binghamton, New York, then relocated to Delhi, New York, with his girlfriend, Rose Marie Walley. When Delhi residents became aware of Shawcross' presence, the couple moved to nearby Fleischmanns, New York, only to be met with hostility there as well.
26. In late June 1987, Shawcross' parole officer moved him and Walley into a transient hotel in Rochester, New York, but failed to notify Rochester authorities of this action. Do you see what's happening?
27. In mid-October, Shawcross and Walley found more permanent lodgings at 241 Alexander Street in Rochester. Now [THEY] failed to make a violent sex offender register with local authorities?
28. In March 1988, Shawcross began murdering again, primarily sex workers in the area (apart from June Stott, who was a local and was the first one of his victims to be mutilated after her death), before his capture less than two years later.
29. He was convicted of 11 murders, with a 12th not officially charged to him.
30. The victims were:
31. All the victims were murdered in Monroe County, except for Gibson, who was killed in neighboring Wayne County.
32. The retired detective, Robert Keppel, has argued that the detectives investigating the case over-relied on the concept of modus operandi, at times searching for multiple suspects due to small differences in the profiles of each victim
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33. Police arrested Shawcross two days later, on January 5, 1990. He had been spotted by a police surveillance team (and by an eyewitness) standing near his car, apparently urinating, on a bridge over Salmon Creek; upon whose frozen waters the body of his final victim was dumped
34. In November 1990, Shawcross was tried by Monroe County First Assistant District Attorney Charles J. Siragusa for the 10 murders in Monroe County. Shawcross pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, with testimony from psychiatrist Dorothy Lewis that he had brain damage,
35. Shawcross, who had served in Vietnam with the 4th Supply and Transport Company of the 4th Infantry Division, had told many outlandish tales of murderous activities (including cannibalism), often perpetrated while alone in the jungle.
36. From the time Shawcross returned from his tour of duty, he told acquaintances of seeing American soldiers "skinned from their neck to their ankles," and claimed to have decapitated two women he had victimized, "placing" their heads on poles.
37. FBI criminal profiler Robert K. Ressler reviewed the PTSD claim on behalf of the prosecution before the trial. Ressler wrote that "his claim of having witnessed wartime atrocities was patently outrageous and untrue." Prosecution psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz said
38. Shawcross had antisocial personality disorder. Source: Ressler, Robert K.; Shachtman, Tom (May 1, 1992). Whoever Fights Monsters: My Twenty Years Tracking Serial Killers for the FBI. St. Martin's Press. ISBN 978-0312078836.
40. Officials said Shawcross complained of a pain in his leg on the afternoon of November 10, 2008, his date of death. He was taken to Albany Medical Center, where he went into cardiac arrest. Shawcross died at 9:50 PM. He was cremated.
42. While researching this dig, I learned that Shawcross had a dealer on the outside that was selling his art on Ebay. The prison board later put a stop to it, but I decided to look in to it a bit more.
45. Before I continue, let's do a recap. Before being drafted he had no history of an infatuation with starting fires. We know the US military was using soldiers as human guinea pigs in the MK ultra program.
46. Prior to going to prison for arson, he had no history of sexual assault. His first two victims were children. Statistics prove that pedophiles, in most cases don't lose their attraction to children and 90% are repeat offenders.
47. Why did Shawcross receive an early release from prison and then switch from children to grown women? Was he reprogrammed in prison?
48. Shawcross talked about violent acts he committed while in Nam. Why would he make it up? The man was no doubt a serial killer.
49. We know that psychological warfar was implemented in Viet Nam. The military wouldn't want this getting out. It would make sense to say he never saw any combat.
50. Why would his parole officer not notify local law enforcement that a violent predator was living in their precinct? If he isn't being watched,
51. he is given a license to kill. Most of his early victims were prostitutes except one, June Stott. Why was she the first to be mutilated? Why wasn't he charged with the murder of his 12th victim, June Cicero? The smoking gun so-to-speak.
52. Art told police he killed Stott because she lied about being a virgin. He said he kept Stott's pocket knife for 3 days, then returned and cut open the body from head to crotch.
53. When asked why he did it, he told them it was a trick Uncle Sam taught him to speed up decomposition. This was my first major red flag leading to further investigation in to mind control.
54. The first question that arose from this was: was she a hit? Were the prostitutes killed as a cover for the intended target? Were they a practice run? Had he been reprogrammed to be an assassin? Did his handler tell him to go back and speed up the decomposition?
55. Shawcross was not only never charged with the murder of Cicero, she's a ghost. I was able to find images and related articles to all of the other victims.
56. All I was able to find was this and there is not even a record of her burial! Ya can't make this up!
57. Was she the final target? Early reports said that an aerial surveilance aircraft saw a body and Shawcross standing there. Later reports said they were watching the area in the event the killer returned to the scene of the crime.
58. Come on man! I could see an undercover cop surveiling, but no police department would fund aerial surveilance on a hunch! It is my belief, that he was supposed to get caught. Mission accomplished.
59. Okay, put your seatbelt on! Here is where it starts to get deep! I found various references to research being conducted on inmates.
60. Eveything from skin creams to experimental drugs. I was looking for mind control. A means of conditioning soldiers or assassins. All roads ended with DARPA.
61. I'm sure I will get called a conspiracy theorist or worse kek, but it all makes sense. Before I continue, this really stuck out to me, and it is my belief,
62. that by the use of drugs, and inference by a psychiatrist, thoughts were put in to Arts mind so that if he tried to tell his story AFTER they took him down, folks would just think he was crazy.
63. At least for a time, Shawcross believed that the spirit of a thirteenth-century cannibal “Ariemes” possessed his body and drove him to rape, murder, and cannibalism. He agreed to be interviewed for a 2003 documentary about cannibalism,
64. where he bragged about slicing out and eating the genitalia of three victims. Why only a select 3 of 14? If he was indeed a cannibal, he would have eaten parts of all 14. Why would the prison let him do a documentary in violation of the Son of Sam act?
65. Rather than type all of this info, I'm going to post a series of screen shots. Source: Mind Control: From Nazis to DARPA David Salinas Flores. Short break, BRB
66. The strong suspect of mind control in Latin America hospitals. (Caption for 1st screenshot). The question becomes: is the Democrat open borders idealism a plan to bring an army in from South America? I believe Antifa is part of it as well.
67. Speaking of robots, have you ever looked in to the eyes of Antifa members and other protesters?
68. THe NWO has plans for future citizens
69. Are you ready for the boom? Barack Obama was elected on November 4, 2008. On Nov 10, 2008, Arthur Shawcross, a man with no history of heart disease, dies from a heart attack. The body was immediately cremated, therefore, no autopsy could be performed.
70. Coincidentally, Obama was a yuge backer of DARPA and even allotted tax payer dollars to fund the program.
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73. I was busy digging and missed the drops, but this ties in perfectly with this dig! The more we know
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