The current state of understanding around the bounty intelligence is that 1) The IC included it in Trump's PDB, but Trump didn't read it, so he's now arguing he can't be held responsible for doing nothing. 1/n
2) The IC included it in his PDB but did not sit down and walk him through the intelligence like it was a bedtime story bc ON ALL THINGS RUSSIA, Trump prefers not to hear it, so the IC just doesn't brief him on it. 2/3
3) At least some of this leak is coming from Bolton-adjacent sources. Bolton is trying to blame Trump for not doing anything in 2019 when it was PDBed but not "briefed" even though he was the NSA enabling this PDB but not "brief" system at the time.
Note, I do not mean to excuse Trump for his incompetence. The point was ALL the players here were not doing their job, using Trump's incompetence as an excuse.

Why not tell the Intel committees?
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