If you're Palestinian, then your issue with Israel is an existential one, and I understand why you'd devote your life to dismantling it.
A comparison is faulty, but almost the same could be said of Native Americans and their relation to the US. The issue is an existential one /1
If you're not Palestinian and the only issue you devote your life to is dismantling Israel, then you should ask yourself: am I acting in good faith, for a progressive ideal, or am I taught to be anti-Israel, and that's become over time my only political form of expression? /2
As a communist, I'm against the human rights violations the Israeli government regularly commits against Palestinians. But I'm also against the violations the Chinese government regularly commits against the Uighur Muslims, the citizens of HK, etc. /3
... I'm also against the violations the Saudi government commits against Shia Muslims, the LGBT+ community, etc. etc. I stand against all forms of humanitarian violations everywhere. And as a Syrian, I have every reason to devote my life to the dismantling of the Assad regime. /4
So if you're not part of an existential fight against a state, and you devote your political expression to being anti-Israel, ask: why Israel? Truly, honestly: why? Once you ask that question, you can move forward to a more genuinely progressive praxis -- or not, who knows. /end
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