Mount Kailash,the Kingdom of Lord Shiva is the Abode of Shiva-Parvati with their Sons & Daughter.
The Vedas have mention Mount Kailash as the cosmic axis & Earth's Pillar & has other names like

Meru,Sumeru, Susumna ,Himadri, Deva Parvata, Gana Parvata,
Rajatadri and Ratnasanu.
The first son of Shiva is the sweat born Bhringi, who later became the chief of Shiva Gana.
Second one is Kartikeya also known as Sanmukha who has taken birth to kill the Rakhyasas.
Third one born from the turmeric coating on the body of maa Parvati, Ganesha who teaches
Vedic sciencs & Yogic discipline.

The only Daughter is "Aranyani",the forest Goddess who developed Ayurveda.She has unfolded the divine Uma Suktam Shloka of Ayurveda.
Also Kailash is the home of life companion Nandi,Senani along with families of Deva,Yakhya,
Gandharva ,kinnara

The visible Mysterious Kailash is the forbidden place to the womb born.
This empire of Shiva is the birthplace of varied phenomenon
of Vedas.
Source -Mysterious Kailash by
Sivkishen Ji.
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