A thread of Red Velvet Wendy's mistreatment
First of all, Red Velvet debuted almost 6 years ago and Wendy has only ever had ONE solo photo shoot and it wasnt even front cover of the magazone. (shes the only member this has happened to)
She only ever got her FIRST AND ONLY brand appearance at the end of 2019, while the other members regularly get collabs with big brands like Micheal Kors, Gucci, etc.
SM likes to pretend to give her activities like by sending her to isac with seulgi except Wendy didnt actually do anything except sit alone for hours. She even stayed up the entire night before and baked for all the fans lunch boxes :,)
The camera is NEVER on her for her singing parts. One of the worst examples was when she hit this long ass note and the cameras decided to film EVERYONE BUT HER? Even the backup dancer got a shot
She is the MAIN vocalist (her only position) yet her lines been going down each comeback. This wouldnt be as bad if she got some screen time but she has also started getting the least amount of that as well.
Now... lets talk about how she is styled... I swear the stylists hate her, she gets the worst outfits. Not only are they ugly but sometimes they hinder her dance moves.
Wendy only has one fancam on youtube that has hit 1 million streeams... rlly yall pls stream her we all know she has great stage pressence
Anyway stan Wendy AKA the main vocalist of this generation.
adding this! https://twitter.com/sunseungwans/status/1277934647708712961?s=20
Adding that SM never even posts about wendys OSTs.... Both Goodbye and What if love became hits and trended but there were no posts about it. only thing was that the manager claimed they would make wendy ost queen. She didnt get another for over a year. (also not promoted)
shes the sweetest person ever. we dont deserve her https://twitter.com/psycholuvie/status/1201676829255446528?s=20
oh man oh man. so much bad stuff. They left wendy off the trolls merch when SHE VOICED THE MAIN CHARACTER OF THE FILM!
the fact that they dont promote her more as a singer is CRIMINAL. look how she ate this https://twitter.com/petiteyerm/status/1171094219991027713?s=20
i am really happy to see so many people supporting wendy it makesmy heart swell. im getting a lot of hate on this thread and its weird because a lot seems to be coming from people in the fandom.... anyways lets just love and respect wendy
guys follow wendy on insta hehe
her voice is just so healing pls listen https://twitter.com/wendy_vocals/status/998363532466032640?s=20
featuring bbys clapping in the back. i miss them all together https://twitter.com/wendy_vocals/status/967741320797278208?s=20
not singing but i will not let anyone forget this. wendy freestyle dance was a serve and no one can tell me shes not a strong dancer https://twitter.com/luvrenebaebae/status/1212384401390104581?s=20
if i may,,, lemme bless everyones ears with this one. she eats CDs for every meal https://twitter.com/wendy_ssw_music/status/1213373886709948416?s=20
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