What the Prime Minister announced today is nothing like a ‘new deal’ and certainly not Green.

He used our branding on his podium. He used our language in his speech. But it was greenwash.
This isn’t radical. This isn’t different. This is a doubling down on business as usual.

He has clearly learned nothing from this crisis about the importance of addressing the #climateemergency and repairing our relationship with nature.

A real Green new deal looks like this:
100,000 new council homes a year, built to the Passivhaus or equivalent standard. Insulation for office buildings and every home, and an additional 10 million homes deeply retrofitted by 2030 and powered by renewable energy.
New support, incentives and investment to accelerate wind energy development, paving the way for wind to provide around 70% of the UK’s electricity and .new support for solar, geothermal, tidal, hydro and other renewable energies to provide much of the remainder by 2030.
A Universal Basic Income to cover basic needs. A four day week to tackle productivity. £2bn a year in training and skills, including new apprenticeships, to help people access the millions of new green jobs created.
Thousands of new jobs in rural areas through the shift away from intensive farming towards smaller-scale, more people-focussed food production and land management that respects nature. Plant 700 million new trees and aim for 50% of all farms to be engaged in agroforestry by 2030.
£2.5 bn a year on a cycling and walking revolution, new cycleways and footpaths, transformation of town centres so key services and amenities are within walking distance and massive expansion of public transport, new bus services, electrifying rail lines and increasing capacity.
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