The PM is right now announcing “nothing new”, as part of his Old Deal. He’s doing this to distract from the #ImmigrationBill & rebellions in his own ranks over its inhumane treatment of migrants, children & essential workers who held up more than half the sky during COVID. THREAD
Here’s what Boris doesn’t want you to know: The #ImmigrationBill labels social care workers as “low skilled” and sets an income threshold that the average care worker (and woman) simply cannot meet because she is paid so little.
The result is that many care workers will be forced to leave the UK, worsening the 120,000 vacancy rate that already exists and bringing social care services to the brink.
If the #Covid19 crisis has demonstrated anything, it is that care matters. Our economy, our whole society would not function without it. Care workers are at the coalface of this pandemic, putting their own health at risk to provide care for those who need it.
That is why WE are calling for:
* Removal of the income threshold
* Recognition that care is skilled work
* Guarantee that care workers will still be able to migrate to the UK
WE are also supporting urgent cross-party amendments to the Bill, including:
* An end to indefinite detention of immigrants:
* Giving children in care and care leavers the security they deserve and need through permanent immigration status
So WE will not be distracted by the Prime Minister’s Old Deal, because just like the #ImmigrationBill it undervalues care. Instead WE will demand a care-led recovery that means we can truly #BuildBackBetter
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