As we look ahead to the Prime Minister’s speech today, here are some important facts about why @WEP_UK have been calling for investment in the care sector to #BuildBackBetter (images by @WomensBudgetGrp). Firstly, the climate will thank us. >
Secondly, in terms of job creation: IT WORKS. People need care, and people need jobs. Investment in care provides both. It’s that simple.
Also, the Gender Employment Gap stands to worsen in coming months. This will help address it.
It may not be as attractive to the PM’s mates, but care investment results in 50% more tax going to the Treasury. FIFTY PERCENT. That’s huge.
Can’t think why Boris, Jenrick et al aren’t leaping at that. Maybe that nice Mr Desmond might know.
The country needs more jobs. It’s a no brainer. Investment in care provides jobs for EVERYONE. It also provides, you know, care. Care many of us are in desperate need of, particularly in the #Disability community.
WE’ll be looking for care investment in BJ’s speech. Join us.
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