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I urge you to read this, it is quite long due to many documentations and references in order to understand.

The thing is, the more you research into Michael Jackson, the MORE INNOCENT he becomes⬇️
MJ has a huge fandom, #mjfam they are RELIGIOUSLY defensive of MJ, and I never understood why...
UNTIL I researched into what they were saying, and I was HEARTBROKEN that I was brainwashed into thinking these contradictions about Michael Jackson were true⬇️
I was never a huge fan of MJ, but after researching about the allegations, I played his music LOUDER and MORE than EVER! It may be confusing to you, but I'll explain why...
MJ's fandom gets called "crazy" and "FANATIC," when most of us WEREN'T fans until we uncovered the TRUTHS⬇️
I'll address this in these threads:
-the Elites, #pizzagate #Hollyweird
-the Media, MJ's appearance
-1993 case
-2005 case
-Leaving Neverland
THEY ARE TRYING TO DESTROY MJ's LEGACY, you HAVE to know that!!!! He had the power to UNITE people of all races, age, gender etc..he had TOO MUCH power.
I now feel a COMPULSION to stream MJ's music, watch his videos, and share his story, to PROTECT HIM AND HIS LEGACY.⬇️
We've learned to see Michael Jackson, a MAN, a HUMAN, and not "The King Of Pop," people are blinded by his fame. I've often found myself forgetting that he is a human. And this is what it all comes down to...⬇️
MJ was the MOST BULLIED CELEB. He was BULLIED by the MEDIA...in EVERY aspect of his life.
Here's why:
Michael was CONSTANTLY trying to expose the ILLUMINATI, and the HOLLYWOOD ELITES, and child trafficking, through his lyrics and album covers...they wanted to SILENCE HIM.⬇️
Michael Jackson knew about the Hollywood Sex rings...As did, Princess Diana, Marylin Monroe, Tupac, Avicci etc... THEY WERE ALL SILENCED BY THE ELITES.
Princess Diana & Michael Jackson were close friends and often used to talk on the phone about the media would SLANDERING them.⬇️
Princess Diana and MJ were very similar, and always spent time with children, and giving to children's charities to make sure they were SAFE. When Princess Diana died, Michael said he had a feeling he was going to be next, he knew what the ELITES were capable of.⬇️
Even in Michael's last phonecall, HE KNEW HE WAS GOING TO BE KILLED...Just LISTEN...⬇️
This is what it all comes down to!
They are trying to destroy Michael's legacy because of his message to the PUBLIC.
Even today, FALSE accusations SWALLOW Michael Jackson's name when he is NOT HERE TO DEFEND HIMSELF
Michael was an EASY target to the media with his changing face⬇️
The MEDIA accused MJ of BLEACHING his skin. In reality, he had VITILIGO. A skin disease that destroys the pigmentation of the skin& leaves porcelain white, transparent skin, he had to have his lips tattooed pink again. They called him a RACIST & racist names in the tabloids⬇️
Michael also had Lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes the inflammation of the joints, skin and organs. It DESTROYED the cartilage in Michael's nose, and he needed RECONSTRUCTIVE surgeries throughout his life.
MJ's destroyed nose cartilage⬇️
Michael also had to have RECONSTRUCTIVE surgery on his face and scalp after suffering from 2nd & 3rd degree burns, after his hair caught on fire when an explosion went off too early in a Pepsi commercial, 1984, he also had to wear partial wigs and tattoos on his hairline...⬇️
So already, you see how they try to manipulate the TRUTH.
I didn't know about a Michael's vitiligo/lupus/burns before I researched !!
This is the whole thing...it's PROPAGANDA, it's the bad news that sells!!
Here's what the media WON'T tell you: ⬇️
I'm going to do a timeline of the child sexual abuse allegations made against Michael Jackson, to help you get an understanding of the cases:
1993-Jordan Chandler
1995-Anonymous boy(admitted he was coached into lying)
2005-Gavin Arvizo
2013-Wade Robson
2014-James Safechuck⬇️
Michael Jackson was MONITORED by the FBI for 13 YEARS.
His house was ILLEGALLY raided and searched TWICE by 70 officers, and 16 computers were SEIZED...
THEY FOUND NOTHING TO GO AGAINST HIM. Despite what tabloids say, they found nothing even suspicious. https://vault.fbi.gov/Michael%20Jackson
Let's go right back to the start in 1993, when the Chandler family made the FIRST allegations against Michael Jackson...most of this infirmation is based off of the Square One documentary ( I really recommend watching this) ⬇️
Evan Chandler, was an ABSENT father to his son, Jordan, for the majority of his life, until Jordan met MJ.
He owed around $70,000 in unpaid child support to Jordan's mother.
Evan instantly started using MJ for monetary purposes, ordering him to build him a house, MJ declined. ⬇️
Evan Chandler didn't get anything and he started to act erratically, he was going to make allegations against Michael Jackson.
Evan was caught on a phonecall saying that he wanted MONEY by making false accusations about Jackson.
"Does that help Jordy?"
"That's IRRELEVANT to me"
The FBI studies shows that in a police interview, Jordan Chandler was ADAMANT that Jackson had never been inappropriate to him. They state that Jordan would "legally fight any attempt to testify against Jackson." He told police interviewers that his father just wanted MONEY. ⬇️
Evan Chandler DEMANDED custody of Jordan for a week.
During this time, he admitted to using a drug on Jordan called SODIUM-AMETOLE.
It had a reputation in the 80s of being a "truth serum" and was often used wrongly in hypnosis to increase the risk of FALSE MEMORIES. ⬇️
Only AFTER Jordan stayed with Evan, did he change his story about Jackson.
On August 4th 1993, Evan Chandler went to Michael Jackson and his legal team demanding $20 million to not go public with the accusations. Michael Jackson was ADAMANT he wasn't going to pay Evan. ⬇️
A search warrant forced Jackson to have his genitalia photographed, after Evan alleged that Jordan could describe "blotches" on Jackson's genitalia, already knowing about his vitiligo disease, that MJ had previously publicly spoken about.
The description did not match. ⬇️
5 months later, January 25th 1994, Jackson's insurance company was eventually forced to settle the civil case.
Jordan Chandler filed for EMANCIPATION from his family, and never spoke to them again. ⬇️
After Evan got his money, he REFUSED to attend court for the criminal trial to follow the civil trial. He didn't care about 'justice' he left when he got the MONEY⬇️
Michael Jackson then released the HIStory album, about his experiences with the Chandlers, with songs such as 'Money' & 'Tabloid Junkie.'
Evan seeked MORE MONEY and claimed that MJ had abandoned the disclosure part of the agreement, he filed for $60mil, it was tossed out of court
Evan Chandler was MONEY HUNGRY, he tried to use MJ for as many monetary purposes as possible. Evan was a dentist working for the stars, he hated his job and was often sued for 'shoddy work.' Evan wanted to get into the film industry, but never had the money to boost his career.⬇️
Jordan Chandler has never publicly addressed the allegations.
In #SquareOne class mate Josie Zohny, says that Jordan said he felt "USED" by his parents. He would play MJ's music, dance like him, & wear fedoras to resemble MJ.
Zohny describes his apartment as a SHRINE to MJ.⬇️
Zohny also said, that in a class discussion in 2003, the Martin Bashir "documentary" sparked controversy about MJ and Gavin Arvizo.
Jordan Chandler said himself, that he thought Michael Jackson "was NOT CAPABLE of doing the things he was being accused of." ⬇️
When Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, 4 months later, Evan Chandler COMMITTED SUICIDE, by a gun to the head. NOT ONE PERSON attended his funeral.
In 1994, LaToya Jackson in an interview claimed that MJ was guilty. This convinced many people however, she later retracted it.
LaToya was married to abusive husband Jack Gordon, he was connected to the MAFIA & threatened to kill her & members of her family. LaToya now defends MJ
There is a man called Victor Gutierrez who has been recognised to coach KIDS and MJ's MAIDS to LIE about Michael Jackson. He wanted to NORMALISE pedophilia, and attempted to do this by setting up the most famous man in the world, and making him look like a predator⬇️
Victor Gutierrez wrote a pro-pedophilia book called 'Michael Jackson was my lover.' This book and Evan Chandler's book 'All That Glitters' have many SIMILARITIES and at some points are word for word the SAME. Victor Gutierrez was connected to the Chandlers, & they SET UP MJ. ⬇️
In 1995 an anonymous boy made allegations about Michael Jackson, however he broke down in a police interview and admitted he had been coached into what to say, by a man named Rodney Allen, who was connected to Gutierrez. Allen is serving a LIFE SENTENCE in prison for pedophilia⬇️
Gutierrez continued to make stories up about Michael Jackson, until MJ successfully sued Victor Gutierrez for $2.7 million. Gutierrez fled the country and filed for Bankruptcy. He then started making claims against Politicians in Chile to try to normalise pedophilia again.⬇️
Watch Square One on Youtube or Amazon Prime:
"All the allegations made against Michael Jackson are based off of the first accuser's story, Jordan Chandler, and if that one is false, which I do believe it is false, all the rest crumble."⬇️
Arvizo case: 2005
MJ was set up. Janet Arvizo, Gavin's mother, wanted MONEY, and hired the SAME lawyers as the Chandler family. She filed a CIVIL LAWSUIT.
The law was changed so that a criminal trial, must PRECEDE a CIVIL trial due to the EXTORTION of Jackson by the Chandlers.
Because the law was changed, to a criminal trial preceding the civil one, it was a legal requirement for MJ to be arrested. Michael Jackson was an innocent black man, who was a victim of POLICE BRUTALITY.
Gavin Arvizo had no evidence, and the stories were FILLED with timeline inconsistencies. Witnesses Caroline Fristedt and Jennifer Winings, who were at Neverland and testified for MJ, say that the day that the day Gavin claims to be "abused" was the when Michael wasn't even there.
Janet Arvizo wanted Gavin to sleep in MJ's huge 2 storey room, Michael was suspicious, and said no, but when the kids kept pleading, Michael asked his guard Frank Cascio to stay in the room with him. Witness Cascio says that they slept on the floor, and the kids slept in the bed.
Michael was proven NOT GUILTY of any charges in court on June 13th 2005. Janet Arvizo was JAILED for FRAUD. #MichaelJacksonVindicated
The recent "documentary" Leaving Neverland was DEBUNKED, NONE of the stories Safechuck and Robson stated, matched up with any of the dates of previous court cases they filed. When I watched LN, it was so emotionally manipulative, & convincing, I believed it. Until it got EXPOSED.
More than 30 SCENES have been DELETED from 'Leaving Neverland' when people started to EXPOSE it for its MANY LIES and INCONSISTENCIES.
Wade Robson, testified FOR MJ in 2005, the Arvizo case.
Himself, and James Safechuck have defended MJ UNDER OATH MULTIPLE TIMES. Michael wouldn't put his alleging "victims" on the stand in court, would he?
LN was only made, when both men were struggling financially. Safechuck's family had been sued for $800,000 in 2013 and they were on the verge of bankruptcy. 2 days after papers were filed, Safechuck "realises" he was "abused" by Jackson and joins a MULTI-MILLION $ civil claim...
Robson had just been rejected from a MICHAEL JACKSON THEMED Cirque De Soleil show that he was depending on for A LOT of money. He was already boasting about his position in the job.
Isn't it very coincidental that they both "only just realised" that "abuse" was "wrong" at age 30?
In 2013, Robson and Safechuck tried to sue the MJ Estate $1.6 BILLION.
It got tossed out of court, and so they decided to film 'Leaving Neverland' to convince the jury for the CIVIL LAWSUIT.
Since then, an unimaginable amount of LIES have surfaced, and LN is seen as a FLOP by many.
Safechuck claims he was "abused" in the a room at the disney-like train station (late 80s.)
IT DIDN'T EXIST THEN. It was approved & built in 1993 & opened in 1994. For "abuse" to have happened here, he would've been 16 years old, 2 years after he claimed the "abuse" ended.
Robson claimed that the "abuse" started when he was left alone at Neverland, February 1990, his was family at the Grand Canyon.
Wade's mother confirmed in a deposition UNDER OATH that he WENT TOO. Wade changed his story within 2 months, claiming he was FIRST left alone in 1993.
Another lie, is that Robson claims that he was replaced by Macaulay Culkin, once he got too OLD. Macaulay Culkin IS A WHOLE TWO YEARS OLDER THAN WADE.
This DESTROYS their WHOLE story line!
James Safechuck's mother, in LN claims that she "danced when [MJ] died" in 2009.
There are SO many inconsistencies!!!
Wade shows "footage" at the end of LN, claiming that he burned all of his MJ memorabilia, Julien's Auction House says otherwise...
Wade Robson and James Safechuck, DONT show the TYPICAL profiles of "victims" either... They both show NO emotional pain or upset.
They are even caught smirking and laughing when talking about moments of "ABUSE."
Robson and Safechuck's body language is VERY common when LYING. People who know / have met Wade have taken to twitter because they know that Robson's character cannot be trusted...
Viewers have caught on to the fact that the "documentary" and their interviews have been SCRIPTED.
In LN, Dan Reed, Producer, decided to suggest that Macaulay Culkin, and Brett Barnes were "abused."
Brett Barnes contacted his lawyers demanding his name to be removed from LN, Dan Reed refused. Macaulay Culkin continuously defends MJ, saying that he never did anything wrong.
After researching into Victor Gutierrez, who I mentioned earlier from the Chandler's case, you can see that James Safechuck bases his whole story off of moments in Gutierrez's book.
Oprah Winfrey was an interviewer in 'Leaving Neverland The Aftermath.'
Lots of people have caught onto the fact that she did this at the same time that her close friend Harvey Weinstein was being exposed for sexual abuse. She used it as a cover-up, & never spoke about Weinstein.
The WHOLE film is a MONEY grab !!
If MJ was still alive, the "documentary" would never have been made.
To make allegations against a dead man, who is not here to defend himself, makes it easier to get a PROFIT, without a risk of being sued for defamation.
It's actually laughable how awfully organised this "documentary" is. Michael Jackson is one of the most documented people out there, and ALL of their stories have MAJOR timeline inconsistencies. Wade visited Neverland only 14 times. Michael was only present 4 times he was there.
For more information about 'Leaving Neverland' you should DEFINITELY watch, 'the Lies of Leaving Neverland':
Also watch interviews by Brandi Jackson, Wade Robson's Ex Girlfriend, and MJ's Neice:
I have researched and studied the court depositions, testimonies and FBI documents instead of the tabloid headlines, which abused Michael Jackson his whole life with SLANDER and rumours in EVERY aspect of his life, just for money...
According to the United Youth Security, "research shows that the average pedophile abuses approximately 250 children".
Michael Jackson has ONLY 5 accusers. One of which broke down in a police interview and admitted he was lying. ⬇️
NONE of the FIVE accusers went to the POLICE! ALL of them filed CIVIL LAWSUITS against the WEALTHIEST entertainer on the PLANET,
Corey Feldman, Emmanuel Lewis , Brett Barnes , Johnathan Spence, Frank Cascio, Eddie Cascio, Sean Lennon, Julian Lennon, Michael Gibb, Dave Dave , Kelly Parker, Sage Calegi, Ryan White’s mother, Omer Batthi, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Lala Romero, Aaron Carter, Alfonso Ribeiro
When researching, the deeper I dug into it, the madder I became! The media, BBC and the ROYAL FAMILY were too busy SUPPORTING and COVERING UP the REAL PROVEN pedophile, Jimmy Savile, who preyed on HUNDREDS of people IN HOSPITALS. They even Royally knighted him. DIANA WAS SILENCED
The reason WHY people defend Michael so aggressively, is because he is not here to DEFEND himself! For example, look at all the accusations being made against celebs today! #Justinbeiber but people don't care about that!?
It makes me so angry, that at first, I BELIEVED these allegations against Michael! The media blinded us to who he really was...
In reality, MJ is such a rare human being, that not many people can understand and relate to: Pure, loving, goofy, and TOO trusting!
Michael Jackson is 10000% innocent and the most bullied celebrity WORLDWIDE.
If I had even a slight of doubt about it, I WOULD NOT BE SHARING THIS, and this is just a tiny piece of evidence that I wrote about. #MJInnocent
I URGE you to do some research for yourself about MJ, I've tried to condense as much as I could into these threads, but if you have any questions, please ask! :)
Michael surrounded himself with children, because they had NO CONCEPT of his fame, they treated him as a PERSON while Michael was trying to recapture a childhood he never had, and at the same time, be a good father figure to them, to reverse his memories of his abusive father.
It breaks my heart to think that he spent his whole life living in a fish-bowl trying to recapture what he never had, and was bullied for it.
Here's the REAL Michael Jackson:

The more you research into Michael Jackson, the MORE INNOCENT he becomes. I've learnt that, and that's not the case with many many people. Michael Jackson was one of the PUREST souls in the world, and the world truly didn't deserve him.

Angel's cannot live on this evil planet.
my drawings of #MichaelJackson I did after finding out the TRUTH #michaeljacksonisinnocent #MJInnocent #mjfam #mj #applehead read my thread on my page !! 😄
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